Where will my adult child work?

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Many individuals with autism have marketable talents and skills but may require more services or support to be successful in the workforce. The world of employment can be especially tough to navigate because of a lack of opportunities (especially ones that are in line with special interests), but there are options available.

Here are some employment resources to get you started.


A toolkit is a resource manual that is broken down into helpful sections. Please explore the various employment toolkits below.

The articles, studies, and guides below cover a variety of topics related to employment. Some are written by individuals who have businesses that employ those with autism, others were written by organizations, universities, and parents like you.

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The websites below offer comprehensive support and/or information for a variety of issues related to navigating employment issues and the workforce.

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  • What Matters Most Campaign (Working to expand options and opportunities that meet the broader needs of the diversity community, from services and supports to education and employment)
  • Partnerships with Industry (A San Diego-based nonprofit bringing together employers and persons with developmental and other disabilities in win-win partnerships)





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