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As MHAF’s programming expands, we are also expanding opportunities for others to accept volunteer, committee, and board roles to help MHAF realize its vision and carry out its critical mission. Our passionate staff is big in expertise but small in size, and we plan to stay that way with your help. The challenges faced by adults with autism are many, but together, we are making a difference. Volunteers are warmly welcomed – please contact Adrienne McBride for more information.


7 Ways YOU Can be a Madison House Autism Foundation Virtual Volunteer


1.  Spread the word!  Send the MHAF link to all those you know who are affected by autism and encourage them to contact us. Like us on Facebook.


2.  Send your ideas! Let us know about promising ideas and emerging models so MHAF can promote them.


3.  Help collect stories– encourage the millions adults with autism, parents, and those impacted by autism to share their stories, challenges, fears, and joys.


4.  Volunteer to assist with research initiatives and data gathering needs.


5. Be a role model of understanding towards those on the spectrum.  While there is not yet a cure for autism, there is hope and compassion.


6. Invite a MHAF representative to speak at your community, corporate, or educational event.  Dozens of speakers are available, including:

  • JaLynn Rasmussen Prince, National Mother of the Year and co-founder of Madison House Autism Foundation
  • Dr. Gregory Prince, founder of Virion Labs and creator of lifesaving treatments preventing infant pneumonia;
  • Dr. Faith Frankel, pediatrician, researcher, and parent of a child with autism,
  • Lindsey Nebeker, autism self-advocate, and many other scientific researchers, elected officials, parents, and advocates.

7. Donate or ask a friend to donate.