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Voice of America News Feature: “Parents of Autistic Adults Worry About Future”


Madison House Autism Foundation’s Cofounder and President, JaLynn Prince, was featured in a Voice of America news feature along with “Through Our Eyes” artist, Rafael Angevine and his mother Noelie Angevine. JaLynn discusses the challenges faced by adults with autism in regards to securing meaningful employment and achieving happy and productive lives while Rafael and Noelie urge that “the economy would profit by using the talents of people [with autism].”


Madison House lobbies for legislation to enhance opportunities for adults with autism and reduce barriers to meeting their housing and employment needs. To learn more about these issues and to watch the Voice of America piece in its entirety, please view and then share the following video:





  1. Betsy

    My brother has autism and lives with my older father. My father is very concerned what will happen to him when he passes away. My brother has a job, but only makes minimum wage. I want both my father and brother to have a good life, but I’m concerned about the stress of their relationship. My brother is usually well behaved, but he constantly threatens that he will move away and he has run off before and it was bad. I worry that it isn’t good for them to live together and that is another added stress on both their lives. I wish my brother could be more independent, but it’s a difficult conversation to have and we don’t know what to do. Any advice?

  2. Ed Burg
    Ed Burg05-03-2015

    I am a 90 year old father of a 60 year old autistic son who is able bodied and lives on his own with SSDI financial support. I would like to receive literature about guidance for parents in my situation. My son worked and supported himself for 35 years but is not seeking employment now. In my opinion he needs to work or volunteer to give his life some direction. Thank you.

    Ed Burg
    9641 Washburn Ave. S.
    Bloomington, MN 55431

    PH 952-881-6170

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