Through Our Eyes

“Through Our Eyes” Featuring Photography by Chad Thomas


Wow, what a success! Hundreds of people gathered at the opening of “Through Our Eyes”, including several of the artists, their families, students at the Universities at Shady Grove and representatives of local government. Chou Chou and Doc Scantlin gave an incredible performance that had people dancing in their seats. Many guests participated in Gee Vero’s collaborative art project, “The Art of Inclusion”, with inspiring results. It was a truly wonderful evening with news features captured by Comcast and Fox 5, including interviews with JaLynn Prince and Adrienne McBride. Many thanks to Chad Thomas for these beautiful photographs of an unforgettable night and to all our wonderful supporters who made it unforgettable.



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    Connie Heermann06-07-2014

    Thank you.♧

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