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Get Involved!

Madison House Autism Foundation (MHAF) is thrilled that you want to join us in providing more support, more opportunities, and more hope to adults with autism and their families. We need your help to grow and provide brighter futures for those we serve.

Many have asked, “How can I get involved?”

There are countless ways you can raise awareness of the challenges adults with autism face and support MHAF, one of the few organizations addressing those needs, through a range of fundraising opportunities in your community.

While you are busy helping others, fundraising also provides you with an occasion to share your personal story with your neighbors, classmates, co-workers, and friends; letting them know why meeting the needs of adults with autism are important to you and how they can help.

Are you a business owner? Investing in a cause with your time and resources is a great way to gain buy-in from the community in which you operate and gives you the opportunity to promote your products and services.

Online Auctions

Online auction fundraisers take advantage of the internet’s strength and assets, removing the limitations of traditional auctions such as geography and a small target audience; allowing nonprofits to reach more people and raise more funds.

The premise is simple: Consumers are increasingly buying online, and these auctions bring items consumers want to them while proceeds go to a worthy cause. Online auctions are flexible and can be community-based or open to all. A featured item, several items, and packaged deals can simultaneously be auctioned through an online event.

MHAF is expanding our presence in online auctions to include visibility on CharityBuzz and Bidding for Good – reaching thousands of viewers!

You may remember the enthusiasm sparked our most recent CharityBuzz auction: tickets to see Eric Church perform in DC, backstage passes, and a signed guitar. The package was donated to us by a friend of MHAF and was a huge fundraising success!

CharityBuzz’s online auctions promote the most acclaimed celebrities, inspiring musicians and beloved brands to bring fun and unique experiences to a vast audience with every winning bid supporting a worthy cause. Bidders are enthusiastic over once-in-a-lifetime donations from walk-on roles in Hollywood films and TV shows to power lunches with Fortune 500 CEOs.

Do you have a connection to a famous talent, brand or organization? MHAF can help you make a request, put together a promising package, and promote the donation to countless enthusiasts; all while highlighting the patons’ support of MHAF and our mission.

Perhaps you would like to secure donations from businesses and individuals throughout your community to feature on Bidding for Good. We can help you conduct an online item solicitation campaign to your community and provide you with the tools and a sponsorship letter to approach local businesses. Remember, this is an opportunity for businesses to showcase their products, properties, and services as well as their commitment to the community.

Popular auction items include:

Wine & Food
Spa & Beauty
Sports Tickets and Memorabilia
Recreational Packages
Entertainment, concert, comedy shows…
Home and Garden

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this would be a wonderful time to collect items for a collaborative online auction and a beautiful way to honor our mothers while supporting the needs of adults with autism.

As people spend more of their time and money online, it is important that our fundraising efforts be online as well.

Community Events

Creating a fundraising event is a fun way to raise money to address the needs of adults with autism. Fundraising events bring people together while raising funds to help address the challenges faced by people with autism.

If you are passionate about supporting MHAF’s mission and programs, take that energy and rally your friends, family, and colleagues to help you organize a fundraiser. Your community event can be big or small, a one-time event, or an annual event that the community looks forward to each year.

If you are a businessperson, stay at home mom, or a student, you have a voice and a group of people you can reach. Talk to your friends and family and see if they will support your efforts.

Here are some fun and engaging ideas for events you can hold right in your community:

School Events
Costume /Hat Day
Bake Sale/Carnival
Car Wash
Athletic Events
Penny Wars
Community Events
Happy Hours
Restaurant Campaigns/10% proceeds
Pancake Breakfast
Spaghetti Dinner

Fashion Show
Golf Tournament
Black-Tie Gala
Yard Sale
Business Events
Backyard BBQ
World Series /Super Bowl Party
Vacation Day Raffle
Birthday Party Donations
Jeans Day
Matching Gifts

You can also raise money for adults with autism doing what you already do! Many entrepreneurs hosting jewelry, popular make-up parties, or even fitness programs generously offer their time and a percentage of proceeds from a session or event to support causes they believe in.

Have a special event coming up? Have everything you need? Maybe you want to request donations in lieu of gifts. This gives your guest an opportunity to learn more about your connection to autism and do something meaningful and lasting in your honor or in tribute to your loved one.

MHAF will help you get started

Your Place of Work

Workplace Giving

Did you know that many employers offer their employees the opportunity to give to their favorite charities through workplace giving programs? Corporate citizenship goes hand in hand with corporate business objectives.

In an employer-driven workplace giving campaign, employees are encouraged to support their charity of choice by signing up for payroll deductions.

Whether your organization has a private workplace giving program or gives through a federation, please consider MHAF in your giving priorities.

Matching gifts

Many employers match charitable donations. In this way, you double your donation, and twice the money is raised to help provide much needed funds for addressing the needs of adults with autism.

Best of all, you know that MHAF is a great steward of your donations!
Here’s how to get started:
• Find out if your company has a workplace giving program. If so, sign up today!
• Find out if they have a matching gift program. Find out what the giving priorities of your company are if they align with our mission.
• If we are in your area, encourage your employer to invite a MHAF representative to make a presentation about giving. We would be happy to connect by phone as well!
Most employers are interested in knowing which charities touch the lives of their employees, so make sure you mention MHAF as your charity of choice.
We appreciate your passion and hope you will join us in providing more support and opportunities to adults with autism. Contact us today, we will give you the tools you need and help you get started!