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Save the Date: WFMA to Host Benefit Concert


Madison House Autism Foundation is honored and excited to team up with WFMA to help bring great folk music to new audiences and at the same time promote awareness and appreciation of the opportunities and challenges of living with autism.


“Of all the arts, folk music has a unique ability to bring artistic expression to the lives and stories of people from all walks of life,” notes MHAF Founder and President JaLynn Prince.  “Because most of us understand so little about the talents and challenges faced by adults with autism, this is a beautiful opportunity not only to appreciate great folk music but at the same time celebrate the diversity of our shared human existence.”


One in 88 children are diagnosed with autism today. Like most individuals, they will live the majority of their lifetimes as adults.  Their future however, will be dramatically different, with little hope for jobs, moving out of their parents’ homes, social engagement and basic quality of life opportunities.  Madison House Autism Foundation is among the first and few organizations in the nation to focus exclusively on addressing the social, educational, and economic challenges impacting adults with autism and their families.


“We are deeply moved by the willingness of WFMA to dedicate proceeds of its folk music performances to benefit Madison House programs on behalf of adults with autism who struggle to find a way to navigate our world,” added Prince.  “We welcome your ideas, invite you to share your stories, and encourage you to contact us to let us know how we can reach others who share the goals of bringing hope and possibility to adults with autism.”

From the WFMA Newsletter:

Mark your calendars now! 

On June 1, 2013, WFMA will present a very special benefit concert.  This concert will differ from our past benefit concerts in several ways.  First, proceeds from ticket sales will go to The Madison House Autism Foundation.  And second, we plan to present fewer performers, so that you may enjoy more music from each of the artists participating in the show.

The concert will be held at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, on the campus of the University of Maryland, in College Park.  This was the site of our 25th Annual Benefit Concert, in April of 2011.  Our headquarters hotel for the event will once again be the Marriott Inn and Conference Center, located just a short distance from the Clarice Smith Center.

Joining us to help raise money for Madison House will be some of the most well known artists in folk music, including (at this time) Tom Paxton, Noel Paul Stookey and Mack Bailey.  But be sure to keep an eye on our website—we will soon announce more performers and additional details.

We hope you will be able to join us for this very special evening of music for a very good cause.

To learn more, visit the WFMA website or view their recent newsletter below.

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