Luke's Best Chance

Rolling Stone Exposé, “Luke’s Best Chance,” Highlights MHAF’s Housing Program


In “Luke’s Best Chance: One Man’s Fight for His Autistic Son,” Pulitzer Prize-winner and father, Paul Solotaroff, explores the national issue of providing appropriate housing for individuals with autism and other disabilities once they age out of federally mandated support services. When an individual with disabilities reaches the age of 21 years old, they are no longer able to receive government-funded care. Solotaroff discusses the limited, strenuous options that are offered to these adults.

By highlighting the story of his seventeen-year-old son, Luke, who was diagnosed with autism and Fragile X Syndrome, Solotaroff sets off on a journey to find better housing options for parents who are struggling or who have not been placed on their state’s Medicaid waiver. He argues that the current programs offered, like group homes and “self-direction” programs, are neither time nor money efficient.

Along with a quote from Madison House Autism Foundation’s very own Director of Community Engagement and Housing Network, Desiree Kameka, he mentions the work and strides of the Autism Housing Network and other like-minded projects and how they are driving better solutions. Solotaroff explains the ability of these programs to provide greater opportunities for adult socialization, integration, and education. It is important that we consider the points that Solotaroff makes and continue the movement to provide more accessible programs for adults with autism across the country.

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If we each do a little, much can be accomplished.

As Paul shares, “There is no peace for us till we’ve settled those questions, not an inch of separation from the gnawing dread that we’ll leave them alone and undefended.” Click the button below to read this powerful feature about this national crisis affecting families across the nation.

Luke's Best Chance


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