Research: A Blueprint for the Nation


As with any complex challenge, the path to developing sustainable, replicable solutions to the challenges faced by adults with autism begins with comprehensive research – research that goes beyond clinical studies to measure and evaluate demographics, social issues, economic impact, educational opportunities and public health trends. Yet, less than 2% of autism research funding is focused on lifespan issues despite the fact that most of us, whether autistic or not, spend the majority of our lives as adults!

With the help of generous supporters, MHAF is working with Johns Hopkins University School of Education on a multi-faceted study of the prevalence, issues, challenges, barriers and opportunities facing adults with autism and their families in the United States.  A renowned scholar will be appointed early in 2013 and will work collaboratively with JHU Schools of medicine, economics, public policy, public health and Kennedy Krieger Brain Institute.

The first year’s work will culminate with a whitepaper serving as a national blueprint for non-profits, federal and local governments, and private sector partners.  Experts across the country will be invited to share and contribute at key points in the study. This first step is just the beginning.

We invite your continued support that will provide the research, market data, and findings that will enable full partnership by government, private sector and non-profits to work together to help adults, families, and communities.



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