For Parents


Parenting a child on the autism spectrum can be very complicated, especially as these children become adults. Parents of adult and teenage children with autism often worry about their sons’ and daughters’ futures, and part of this worry stems from unanswered questions, scarce employment opportunities, and a lack of services, housing, funding, and care. This is a resource to help.

The aim of the “For Parents” section is to help address some of these concerns by compiling the best information, videos, toolkits, and articles we can to help you find the answers you need to help your son or daughter create the best future possible. The following are a list of common questions we’ve gathered from parents and friends of Madison House. Look for StatexState_icon  to view information categorized by state.

Click on each question below to be linked with resources that may be helpful in navigating autism in adulthood.


Where will my adult child live?


Is my adult child a candidate for college or university?


How will we pay for our adult child’s everyday living and service needs?StatexState_icon


What are my adult child’s employment options?



How can I make medical visits easier for my adult child?


What are the implications of obtaining legal guardianship in my state?StatexState_icon