Our Story

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In 2007, Madison House Autism Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded by JaLynn and Gregory Prince and named for their son Madison, who has autism. Now 27-years-old, Madison faces a daunting challenge in that he is no longer entitled to year-round education and training within the public school system.

As with neurotypical adults, individuals on the autism spectrum are expected to live a full lifespan, which means that Madison has another six decades ahead of him. While the challenges are enormous, his future is laden with great possibilities if he has the right guidance and assistance. Madison and thousands of others like him have the potential for living a lifestyle of their choosing, holding full-time jobs in a protected environment, and making meaningful contributions to society.

Madison House Autism Foundation was founded to identify the lifelong needs of adults with autism and through education, awareness, and advocacy, fill those needs. Watch the video below to learn more about Madison House Autism Foundation.