Our New Logo


Thanks to all who have sent compliments on MHAF’s new logo, designed by the incomparable talent at Case and contributed pro bono by founding partner Travis Stratford, father of Crosby who was diagnosed with autism at age two.

The four blocks represent each letter of MHAF.  Like autism, no two blocks or shapes are the same, representing our unique individuality.  Like autism, the new MHAF design is a colorful array of shapes, shades, and symbols that  together create something unique, intriguing, and inspirational.  Of all the shapes and colors, the yellow circle making up part of the “H” stands out the most, representing the hope, optimism, and awareness that inspire us all to continue to work together on behalf of every adult with autism and their loved ones.

For more information on Case, or a list of their clients including Pepsi, visit http://www.case-agency.com/.

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