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New York Times Square Billboard Highlights Adults with Autism


Madison House Autism Foundation celebrates the potential of adults with autism and the extraordinary contributions of their parents with a Times Square billboard campaign during April, Autism Awareness Month.


“It’s important, and urgent, to invest in research to understand the causes of autism,” explains Madison House Autism President JaLynn Prince.  “But in the meantime, hundreds of thousands of children with autism are becoming adults with autism. Untold numbers are already adults and they are facing a very bleak future. It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time to tell that story and act now.”


The campaign draws attention to loving parents and their adult children with autism who face a very uncertain, and often isolated future.  Parents across the country face the daily nightmare of not knowing what will happen to their child when they are gone.  They are asking, Where will my child live? How will he or she be cared for? Who will pay? Madison House Autism Foundation is one of the first and few organizations focusing solely on efforts to improve the quality of life for autistic adults.


Case Studio, an internationally recognized rebranding firm, designed the campaign with photography by Douglas Sonders. “Madison House Autism Foundation focuses on families like ours that worry and stress about our childrens’s future.  We are grateful to contribute our services to be part of this solution and hope others will lend their support to lead the way forward for families and adults with autism.


Please click below to view Madison House’s campaign photos that are currently being displayed in Times Square.


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