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MHAF Featured Artist | DJ Svoboda: Spreading Positivity Through “The Imagifriends”


From his home studio, autistic artist and public speaker Daniel “DJ” Svoboda creates his doodle series “The Imagifriends.” Bringing inspiration and hope to individuals all over the country, the “Imagifriends” series teaches important lessons in acceptance, self-esteem, and achieving one’s dreams.


DJ was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3, and there were times when he was bullied, teased, and made fun of. Instead of letting these bullies get the best of him, he used these experiences to fuel his passion for art and spreading his positive message. The challenges DJ faced growing up with disabilities inspired him to create the land of “Imagiville;” a safe place in his imagination where everyone is treated kindly and accepted just the way they are.

Have a look below at DJ’s wonderful work and some quotes from his interview with us, and be sure to check out the ABC news story in which he was recently featured.


“I have a very big dream in my heart to make the world an even better place for all those with autism around the world. Being an artist and public speaker, creating the Imagifriends, and making the world an even better place is my life, my career, and my passion. I want to help others to know that everyone is very special the way they are.”

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“I want everyone to know that sometimes living with autism has it’s share of challenges and that all those with autism think, feel, and see things and the world from a very different point of view.”

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“… Art is a great way to show how you feel. You can make a great and powerful difference when you share your gifts and talents with others. It can really touch the lives of many others. Art can be used to make a great and amazing difference around the world in so many amazing, awesome, and very incredible ways. It also taught me that we all look and see things differently.”

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“I always want to be accepted for who I am, for all of those with autism have a great, amazing, and awesome place in this world. We too have feelings. I always want to encourage others and bring lots of joy, determination, and great self esteem. For all those with autism do show love and care in many different ways.”

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Check out a few of the awesome holiday gifts DJ has made below. Please visit, if you are interested in purchasing any of these items from DJ!


Christmas Ornaments

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Holiday Cards

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The Imagifriends 2016 Calendar

Also, be sure to watch one of DJ’s motivational talks below. He’s a very inspiring speaker!


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