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In Memoriam: Suzanne Wright, Founder of Autism Speaks


We are saddened to learn of the death of Suzanne Wright, Founder of Autism Speaks. Suzanne and her husband, Bob Wright, co-founded Autism Speaks in 2005 after their grandson, Christian, was diagnosed with autism. Autism Speaks is now the leading autism science and advocacy organization.

Suzanne was a passionate grandmother and philanthropist who, with her husband Bob, raised issues of children with autism worldwide to bring about global awareness. Suzanne remains an inspiration to Madison House Autism Foundation as we raise awareness, acceptance, and create opportunities for individuals who have reached the age of 21.

Please watch the video below from Today to learn more about Suzanne Wright, an extraordinary woman who made incredible strides for the autism community.


  1. lorne perry
    lorne perry08-25-2016

    I am Lorne Perry a grandfather of a ASD man. At 88 I have taken on the task of trying to see proper home with proper care for asd people in Nova Scotia. My son and I are planning a TV show letting people know about ASD and the people on the spectrum. We would like your permission to use “Autism Speaks” as our name in honour of Suzanne and also as it fits the task. I will be spending my few remaining years fighting for those who cannot do it alone.
    Respectfully submitted
    Lorne Perry

  2. lorne perry
    lorne perry08-25-2016

    Sad to lose a wonderful person. She will always be with us through her dedication. I am fighting an uphill battle in Nova Scotia for proper housong for ASD people. At almost 90 it is not easy but many good people are helping.My son and I have TV and radio experience and are planning a TV show to show people all about ASD people their talents, their needs and how our community may help. I am asking if we could use the name”Autism Speaks” as our name in honor of Suzanne and because it seems the best fit.

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