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September 2016

This hotel designed for people with autism is one of the first of its kind |

The Vault, a new hotel in Gateshead, England, accommodates the needs of the autism community and is even staffed by people with autism spectrum disorder. >> read more

Depression common in adults with autism |

More than a quarter of adults with autism are currently experiencing significant symptoms of depression, new research from one of the country’s leading autism experts has found. >> read more

June 2016

After nearly 3 years in hospital, young man with autism finally gets a home | CBC

Michael Neve lived in The Ottawa Hospital’s psychiatric ward for two-and-a-half years while waiting for a room in a group home. >> read more

Group homes for adults with autism unaffordable and inaccessible, parents say | CTV News

Some Ontario parents of children with autism say they are struggling to pay for support workers and housing once their child becomes an adult and several provincial supports they relied on disappear. >> read more

March 2016

Restaurant sticks up for server with autism after customers refuse service | Mashable

“Our staff are our foundation and this is our way of standing up for them.” >>read more

February 2016

Carleton Place cafe serves up jobs, confidence for employees with autism | CBC News

At the Owl Cafe, the aim is to give young people with autism jobs, skills, coping mechanisms, and other support services they need to find success. >> read more

Fixing Luka | Sproutflix

This stop-motion short is inspired by the filmmaker’s experiences growing up with a younger brother with autism. >> read more

Learning disability employment rate ‘unacceptable’ | BBC

“…the employment rate of those with learning disabilities continues to drop and currently stands at just 6% in England. Minister for Disabled People Justin Tomlinson says this is “unacceptable”. >> read more

Father of teen with autism shares the love and laughs | The West Australian, Yahoo News

In 1998 at the age of two, Kirk Smith’s son JJ was diagnosed with severe autism and in the years that followed, Smith was inspired to start a career in comedy. >> read more

January 2016

Italy’s first home for autistic adults opens its doors |

The first residential home for autistic adults in Italy will be opened the day after tomorrow in Cavaso del Tomba (near Treviso). >> read more

Creating an autism friendly university |

A new college project aims to break down barriers for students. >> read more

Why it’s time for a national autism strategy | Huffington Post

Out of Canada: “It’s not an exaggeration to say we have an autism services crisis…” >> read more

The Israeli army unit that recruits teens with autism | The Atlantic

“Many autistic soldiers who would otherwise be exempt from military service have found a place in Unit 9900, a selective intelligence unit where their heightened perceptual skills are an asset.” >> read more

Homesharing links up people with a disability to people looking for a room | The Canberra Times

“A lot of people with a disability live in a very unequal [place]…Their whole lives are lived where other people direct and dictate what they do, so it’s actually quite nice that homeshare gives the power to person.” >> read more

December 2015

Israel to open its first college for autistic students | The Times of Israel

Undergraduate tracks at BE Academic College will also prepare those with learning disabilities for the workforce. >> read more

Living with autism: adults who slip through the cracks | Channel News Asia

44-year-old autistic adult, Chua Hian Koon, remembers being alone most of the time when he was in university. >> read more

Lack of training leads to abuse, Bendigo autism advocate says | ABC AU

An inquiry into services for people with autism spectrum disorder is calling for submissions. >> read more

Young adults with autism get employment boost through new program at Hewlett-Packard | ABC AU

A young Queensland man with autism is on his way to his dream job as a software developer after scoring a position with Hewlett-Packard. >> read more

November 2015

Sai bakery: a mother’s sweet gift to her autistic son and his differently abled friends | The Better India

It is not just a regular bakery, but a it’s a place where adults with learning disabilities can come, work, learn, and spend a respectable and productive day. >> read more

October 2015

A pinball wizard with autism tells all | The Daily Beast

World-ranked pinball champion Robert Gagno, the subject of new documentary Wizard Mode, talks about what its like to come of age with autism. >> read more

Special needs man comforted by stranger | Yahoo

A sweet photo taken in Hamilton, Ontario, has now gone viral capturing one man’s act of kindness towards a complete stranger in need. >> read more

September 2015

Report warns ‘tsunami’ of adults with autism are struggling to find work | Calgary Herald

Out of Canada: “With public schools facing a 300-fold increase in students with autism, researchers are warning a lack of support for adolescents and young adults is making it harder than ever for graduates to find work.” >> read more

August 2015

Opportunity knocks: Young adults with autism learn job skills at Ontario camp | CTV News

A Canadian camp that helps young adults with autism disorders develop job skills and find their place in the working world is seeing success, only two years after its inception. >> read more

Autism rocks: meet the boys from The AutistiX | The Guardian

Jake, Luke and Saul are The AutistiX, the UK’s premier autistic rock group. >> read more

July 2015

This accessible hotel is staffed by people with disabilities |

In the Italian city of Asti is a hotel staffed by people with disabilities. It’s called Albergo Etico. In English, it means “Hotel Ethics”. >> read more

June 2015

BBC job search for people with autism and Tourette’s | The Telegraph

“The BBC is to make a ‘groundbreaking’ programme in which people with neurological disabilities- from autism and Tourette’s to ADH and Down’s Syndrome- attempt to find jobs.” >> read more

May 2015

‘A beautiful recognition of people with disabilities’: Jean Vanier on winning Templeton Prize | CBC

Congratulations, Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche on winning the esteemed Templeton Prize. >> read more

April 2015

Campaigner Mary Dhonau hits out at refusal for home for autistic adults | Malvern Gazette

“Mary Dhonau, whose 18-year-old son Peter suffers from severe ‪#‎autism‬, has hit out at a decision to refuse planning permission for a home for autistic adults at Upper Ford Lodge in Elmbridge.” >> read more

March 2015

If I were Prime Minister: People with a learning disability would be considered in all my decisions | Independent UK

A series in the run-up to the General Election – 100 days, 100 contributors, but no politicians – continues with Mencap’s Parliamentary Affairs Assistant >> read more

Why you should never make assumptions about people with autism | The Independent

The idea that all people with autism are disordered, impaired, or somehow “lesser” is one that still needs to be challenged >> read more

February 2015

George the Poet: Jokes about autism are ignorant | BBC News

George the Poet says people who joke about autism are “ignorant”. >> read more

January 2014

‘I Hated School, Was Bullied And Didn’t Fit In’ | The Voice

Though this 24-year-old ‪#‎autism‬ campaigner’s path has been far from conventional, he continues to make personal strides while helping others in his position at Ambitious About Autism. >> read more

November 2014

Susan Boyle Confesses Asperger’s Syndrome Makes Her Feel Like ‘King Kong’s Mother’ | People

On stage she feels “safe,” but it’s life out of the spotlight that’s difficult for Susan Boyle … Boyle says that the tantrums stem from “a sense of panic, not wanting to be there.” >> read more

October 2014

‘I’ve always felt like an outsider’: Caroline Hearst’s autism was only diagnosed at the age of 55 | Daily Mail UK

Caroline Hearst was diagnosed with ‪#‎autism‬ at age 55. Her mission is to bring autism awareness especially to issues impacting girls and women on the spectrum. >> read more

September 2014

Helping students with Asperger’s prepare for university life | The Guardian

The ‪#‎transition‬ from high school to university life brings exciting and sometimes scary new challenges for everyone. As the number of students with ‪#‎autism‬ continues to increase, it is important to recognize and support these individuals with their unique needs. >> read more

August 2014

Educating people with disabilities about Ebola | Relief Web

“In poor countries like Sierra Leone, people with‪#‎disabilities‬ face significant barriers in accessing both services and information. Communication and information dissemination is often geared towards the general population with no consideration for the means by which some people with disabilities, especially those who struggle to hear and see, acquire information.” >>read more

July 2014

German Company Recruits Employees with Autism | Autism Daily Newscast

“By drawing on the logical and analytical strengths of our consultants – especially in software testing- we create sustainable employment for people on the ‪#‎autism‬ spectrum. At ‪#‎Auticon‬, consultants are employed on a permanent basis and matched to client’s projects in terms of interest and expertise…” >> read more

How Animal Farm Communities Create a New World for Many with Autism | Fox Business

In the middle of the English countryside, Lydia Otter has made it her life’s mission to work with people like Peter Griffin, a 26-year-old with severe autism. Griffin can hardly speak, but he has flourished at Pennyhooks Care Farm, a farm community focused on therapeutic agriculture, taking up woodworking and working daily on the land. >>read more

Unemployed, on the spectrum | ABC Australia

33-year-old Chris Brown is on the ‪#‎autism‬ spectrum and has never had long-term ‪#‎employment‬. >>read more 

Randy Lewis: ‘We haven’t found a disability we can’t employ’| HR Magazine

“He also advises setting targets. Walgreens has a ‘dream goal’, to have a 10% disabled workforce within five years – Lewis points out it’s more difficult to achieve results in 8,000 stores than in 20 distribution centres. ‘What gets measured gets done,’ he adds.” >> read full article 

June 2014

Feature: Drawing attention to the stigmas of autism | Yorkshire Evening Post

This article from the U.K. profiles Karen McGuire who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome when she was 30. >> read more

Girl with Asperger’s taunted by bullies that she was ‘ugly and weird’ has last laugh as she reaches UK finals of Miss Universe  | Daily Mail UK

Girl with Asperger’s reaches UK finals of Miss Universe >> read article

Inside Australia’s first ever shopping centre ‘quiet room’ for people with autism | Daily Mail UK

In an Australian and possibly global first a shopping centre in Melbourne has opened a ‘quiet room’ for people who have autism. >> read more

Help for autistic people like my brother is being cut – how will they cope? | The Guardian

UK: Social isolation is already a huge problem for many with autistic spectrum disorder. Cuts will leave them more vulnerable to abuse and neglect. >> read article

Pacific disability theatre group inspires and educatesInter Press Service

In the Pacific Island state of Vanuatu, 23 actors with disabilities, from youth to senior citizens, who have battled physical and social barriers all their lives, are now empowering themselves and others through socially engaged theatre. >> read article

Looking for the next Picasso at Israeli autism event at UN | The Times of Israel

Ban Ki-moon attends art opening at NY’s UN headquarters for young Israeli artists on the spectrum >> read article

April 2014

Sawston chocolate-making company Harry Specters employs people on the autistic spectrum – and plans to expand | Cambridge News

Learn about a homemade chocolate company that employs autistic adults in the UK. >> read more

March 2014

UN Secretary-General Message, World Autism Awareness Day, 2014 | Youtube

The seventh annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2014. This year, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon got a little help with delivering his official message. >> watch video

The cafe of the chosen | EnetEnglish

Staffed by people from vulnerable social groups, Cafe Myrtillo (Blueberry) in the Athens district of Neo Iraklio serves as a model of entrepreneurship and, above all, humanity. >> read article

September 2013

Where Are All The Older Autistic People? Scotland, For Example | Forbes

Just as it’s important to focus autism-related investment predominately on educational and behavioral supports and resources for autistic people, it’s also important to recognize that older autistic adults exist, too. >> read more