Adults with autism need

Adults with Autism Need You This Giving Tuesday


Dear friends,

On this Giving Tuesday, we ask that you keep millions of autistic adults in your hearts and Madison House Autism Foundation on your list of most important charities. Adults with autism need you.

For many young adults, turning 21 is a time of hope and dreams. For many autistic adults, turning 21 is a time of uncertainty and isolation:

  • After high school, half of all students with autism do not get invited to activities with friends

  • 40% do not see their high school friends again

  • Most receive no vocational skills despite having ability

  • Upwards of 75% are unemployed and live at home for life.

Adults with autism and their families ask for our help so that they might have the chance to work, the opportunity to live in supportive housing, and the good fortune to have a friend.

Together, let’s imagine a positive future after 21. In 2017, Madison House is launching a national #Imagine21 campaign to tell the stories of adults with autism after they reach the age of 21, share the artwork of talented autistic artists who show us their view of our world, and raise money to increase housing, services, opportunities, and hope for thousands. Watch the video below to hear Kacey’s story.



For just $21 per month, become an Arts Patron level sponsor of the #Imagine21 campaign. Your financial support builds awareness and understanding, increases employment and social engagement, and supports housing initiatives. Visit to learn more about the campaign and purchase high-quality canvas reproductions of artworks created by autistic artists.

Thank you for continuing to support our mission. Warm wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!


Adults with autism needAdrienne McBride

Executive Director

Madison House Autism Foundation


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