For-Profit sets goal of 1 Million jobs for Autistics!


Forbes highlighted Specialisterne in their article ‘Turning a Societal Need Into A Business Niche’ as they have the goal of providing 1 million jobs for autistic’s! Full article here.

Thorkil Sonne

Excerpt from article:

“Sonne joined autism organizations in Denmark as a father of a child with autism. When he realized how few opportunities existed for people with autism — even for people with exceptional computer skills — he founded Specialisterne (Specialist People Foundation), a for-profit IT services company that embraces the unique talents of people with autism. He custom-designed an office culture for the needs of autism, then showed that a so-called “disability” can be an advantage when it comes to services like software testing, quality control and data entry.”

(Right: Danish entrepreneur Thorkil Sonne founded Specialisterne)

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