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Florida: Paving the Way in Innovative Housing


A major breakthrough for public-private partnerships in innovative housing happened to our friends in Florida. The Villages at Noah’s Landing and The Arc Village have been granted over $10 million each in affordable housing tax credits to build planned residential communities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD)!

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The affordable housing tax credit program is governed by the U.S. Department of Treasury, under provisions of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 and the Internal Revenue Code. Every state is allocated funds based on population and is operated by a state entity such as The Florida Housing Finance Corporation (FHFC).  There are over 70,000 individuals with I/DD in Florida who are living with guardians over the age of 60. Madison House applauds the FHFC for visiting Noah’s Nest, a smaller intentional community, and for recognizing that their lifestyle and support structure is valued and desired by many in Florida.



Both the Villages at Noah’s Landing and The Arc Village will offer a home and community to over 100 individuals in Lakeland and Jacksonville, FL, helping to pave the way for the other seven planned communities that are organizing all over the state. The next major step towards offering a better future for those with I/DD in Florida is scheduled for the end of January, when the Intentional Community Workgroup, formed by the FL Developmental Disability Council (including our own Desiree Kameka), will meet to revise a statement regarding intentional communities.




Learn more about The Arc Village by watching this video:



If you are from Florida and would like to connect with potential partners, please contact Desiree Kameka at [email protected]



  1. Susan Smith
    Susan Smith03-04-2017

    Unfortunately, we do not live in Florida. Our home is in Lousiana. We have been searching for over a year for supported housing for our 25 year old son. He is high functioning PDD-NOS. We have just contacted Noah’s Ark in Lakeland, to see if that would be an option for him. We have also contacted Loveland Village in Venice, but was informed that he would have to be a Florida resident, in order to get on the waiting. list. Our son is more than willing to move first, then we would move to Florida in a few years. Are there any options for us?

  2. Kate Ford
    Kate Ford08-02-2017

    Did you ever receive any response? We are in the same situation with my grandson. We also live in Louisiana. I will be retiring in a couple of years and can relocate to allow my grandson to have an opportunity for housing. Our primary concern is he is sn only child. His father is deceased and his mother is also an only child, so we are desperate to get him settled somewhere where he can live without fear of him being abused or neglected.

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