Empowering Leadership

Equipping Tomorrow’s Leaders


Learning to better speak up for yourself and realizing the authority you have over personal decisions are important life skills as an adult. Those on the autism spectrum are often the object of therapy, services, and support, and thus, the importance of seeing value in one’s voice is often even more essential for development.


Madison House is delighted to share a brand new collaborative publication produced by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) and The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation that addresses an array of important topics for those entering higher education, transitional, or residential programs. It is a detailed booklet written by autistic individuals themselves and is intended to equip the next generation of leaders in the disability rights movement by helping them become more effective self-advocates and activists. Who could be more qualified to share life experiences, vital information, and effective strategies than autistic adults who have already been through similar situations others on the spectrum may face?


Do you wish to make the most of your educational experience and internships? Do you dream of ensuring a legacy of accessibility long after you’ve graduated? Maybe you would like to better share disability culture and activism on campus. For ways to accomplish these goals and more, pick up a copy of “Empowering Leadership”, and be on your way to becoming the next disability rights leader in your community!


Visit the link below to order your copy of “Empowering Leadership”:




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