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October 2016

There is no tsunami of autism cases |

“There’s been concern that the increase is being fueled by environmental causes, but a new history of autism research says the condition has always been common and is widely misunderstood.” >> read more 

Suicide screening and prevention in the autism community: new developments, new perspectives | AUCD

According to a growing body of research, adults with autism are at an increased risk of suicide. We need better screening tools and mental health interventions that are geared towards treating individuals with autism. We urge you to attend this important webinar by the Association of University Centers on Disabilities on Wednesday, October 19, 2016.  >> read more 

Tiny house villages are about to be the next big housing trend, according to researchers | Country Living

Tiny homes are growing in popularity for adults on the autism spectrum. “According to researchers at Kansas State University, tiny house villages are environmentally friendly, they promote a sense of community, they encourage healthy lifestyles and habits, and they’re a safe and affordable housing option for the masses.” >> read more

Parents miss signs of autism in their daughters | Spectrum News

According to this article, parents often chalk up social difficulties in girls to shyness or quietness. >> read more

A board game designed to help autistic adults make friends |

The game Me, Myself, and You was designed to foster connection between individuals on the spectrum. >> read more

September 2016

Women with autism hide complex struggles behind masks | Spectrum News

A new study shows that women with autism are continually misunderstood, work to camouflage their true selves and face a high risk of sexual abuse. >> read more

Depression common in adults with autism |

More than a quarter of adults with autism are currently experiencing significant symptoms of depression, new research from one of the country’s leading autism experts has found. >> read more

Students on the spectrum |

Only 30 percent of high school graduates with autism ever attend a two- or four-year college, but the institutions, not the students, are the problem, Elizabeth and Margaret Finnegan argue. >> read more

NeuroVersity preparing young adults with autism for the job world |

One Utah program is helping young adults with autism find friends and jobs. >> read more

August 2016

How to plan for retirement when you have a child with autism or special needs | Bankrate

“A special-needs family can easily drain all of its savings,” Smith says. “You are going to be 20+ years older than the child, and the worst thing is getting to the point where you are too old to care for your child and you don’t have enough money to pay someone else to care for him.” >>read more

Dog ownership may ease stress in autism families | disability scoop

Having a pet dog around the house may markedly lower stress and offer other benefits for families of children on the spectrum, researchers say. >> read more

Personalized wearable tech can help adults diagnosed with autism manage anxiety | Science Daily

“Human Computer Interaction specialists at Lancaster University have worked with adults diagnosed with autism to create prototype personalised wristband devices called Snap that enable wearers to digitally record data when they are feeling anxious.” >> read more 

17 offbeat ways people relieve their anxiety | The Mighty

For when taking a deep breath just isn’t enough… >> read more

An auditory component to autism | Scientific American

New evidence suggests people with autism can recognize feelings and other traits of humanness in voices as well as– or even better than– neurotypical people do. >> read more

North Miami police take part in autism training program |

After a controversial police-involved shooting made nationwide headlines, a new training program at one South Florida agency aims to shed some light on how to handle situations involving people on the autism spectrum. >> read more

Stimming Demystified | neurodevelopment center inc

One adult with autism explains how stimming is just a natural part of being on the spectrum. >> read more

Tips on learning to shower |

Here are some outstanding shower tips from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute. These tips are helpful for children and adults alike. >> read more

Never mind statistics: Adults with autism may be happy | Spectrum News

Interesting findings out of Sweden. While the study’s participants reported feelings of contentment, the men had many social and employment concerns. Important note: this study consisted of 100 boys and men who all received Asperger’s diagnoses. These findings may not be generalizable to all individuals on the autism spectrum. >> read more

July 2016

Autistic nonverbal child protected in an accident! | Normal life Inc. Youtube

A simple, genius idea to support nonverbal individuals if you are faced with an emergency situation in the car. >> read more

An autistic genius discusses how differences make us special | TEDxMSU

Jeffery believes that by understanding one another’s idiosyncrasies, we contribute to our own diversity and perception of the world. >> read more

10 colleges with programs for ASD students |

This is a great list compiled by an adult with autism. >> read more

What will happen to adult children with autism? |

The new film, ‘Life, Animated,’ sheds light on the realities facing families. >> read more

“Pokemon Go” more than game for autistic families and adults |

Some adults with autism are saying that the game has helped them get out and socialize more. >> read more

The battle over a controversial method for autism communication | The Atlantic

A technique that claims to help people with the condition express themselves with the help of a “facilitator” was scientifically disproven in the ’90s- so why hasn’t it disappeared? >> read more

Dollywood adds calming room to help kids with sensory overloads | WKRN

It’s called a calming room, and it is the first of its kind at any theme park in the world. >> read more

Adult men with autism participate in one-of-a-kind study | ABC7 News

Forty autistic men are participating in a longitudinal study on autism and aging. >> read more

Young adults, teens with autism learn to drive |

“At a special camp Friday, nine young people with autism started their driving lessons by learning the basics. The Community Mobility Camp, designed for high-functioning teens and young adults with autism, teaches the campers to drive, how to read maps and how to use public transportation.” >> read more

The Hollywood job that makes autism an asset |

The Exceptional Minds vocational school trains young adults on the autism spectrum in visual effects and animation. In this detailed work, they have an edge. >> read more

People with autism can read emotions, feel empathy | Spectrum News

The stereotype that individuals with autism lack empathy may be harmful, especially since they may experience typical, or even excessive, empathy at times. >> read more

Many women, men with autism harm themselves | Spectrum News

“The study found that half of the 42 adults with autism engage in deliberate self-harm. Studies estimate that 5 to 17 percent of adults in the general population show these behaviors.” >> read more

Education, jobs, friends a reality for adults with autism |

Today, when families hear “autism” or other disabling conditions for their children, they can also imagine futures that include lifelong education, jobs, homes, friends and a supportive community- a much different future worth working, saving and living for, thanks to the work of the Phoenix-based Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC) and its sister nonprofit, First Place AZ. >> read more

June 2016

Updated Touro University autism center will increase staff, cut wait-list times |

Touro University Nevada’s autism center unveiled a new name and new look Wednesday, promising that an increase in staff and space will cut wait-list times for families seeking services. >> read more

Program helps high school students with autism prepare for college |

The goal of this new academy is to give students with autism a peek into college life and give strategies to better their communication skills. >> read more

Psychiatric problems common in siblings of people with autism | Spectrum News

Mental health conditions crop up more than twice as often in families that include a child with autism as in the general population. >> read more

Using poetry to give young adults with autism a voice | Washington Post

In a Northern Virginia career plan, poetry empowers students learning to advocate for themselves. >> read more

Traveling with Asperger’s- Autism holiday planning and holiday tips | Youtube

“Going on holiday can be a stressful time for someone with Autism.” >> read more

For mothers of children with autism, the caregiving life proves stressful |

“Now, in companion studies, the daily physiological and psychological toll on mothers of adolescents and adults with autism is documented, revealing patterns of chronic stress, fatigue, work interruptions and a significantly greater investment of time in caregiving than mothers of children without disabilities.” >> read more

Predicting overload: autism spectrum disorder- Paul Fijal | TEDxEastVan

“He explores the concept of empowered care; a personalized approach that bridges the information gap between individuals with mental health disorders and currently available care solutions.” >> read more

Talking sense: What sensory processing disorder says about autism | Spectrum News

Some occupational therapists have begun defining sensory subtypes within the autism spectrum in an effort to more systematically match symptoms to treatment. >> read more

May 2016

I’m high-functioning autistic. Here’s what the neurodiversity movement gets wrong | Pacific Standard

“I think it’s great that people want to normalize autism. But sometimes they gloss over how disabling it can actually be.” >> read more

Resources scarce for adults with autism | The Gazette

Kevin is severely autistic and still lives at home with his 62-year-old retired mother. He’s been on a waiting list to get into a group home since 2004. >> read more

The invisibility of black autism |

Clinical bias and ignorance have led generations of clearly autistic black children to be diagnosed with ADHD or even “mental retardation” instead. >> read more

How do you design a home for someone with autism? |

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. But a lot of little things- from colors to appliance noise – can make a big difference. >> read more

Securing the future of a child with autism takes planning, money | USA Today

“Estimates of the lifetime cost of raising a child with autism range from $1.4 million to $2.5 million, says Adam Beck, professor of health insurance and director of the Center for Special Needs Planning at The American College in Bryn Mawr, PA.” >> read more

April 2016

How Medicaid forces families like mine to stay poor | Vox

“I didn’t know how broken America’s safety net was until my sister-in-law became paralyzed.” >> read more

7 things you need to learn about autism | Forbes

“It’s a developmental condition, one that is rooted in how the brain organizes and takes shape during embryonic and fetal development. Autistic people are born, not made.” >> read more

Long Beach program prepares young adults with autism for jobs and self-sufficiency | Los Angeles Times

“Alexander Ryan considers himself ambitious, and he’s proud that he recently achieved a long-standing goal: landing a part-time job at T.J. Maxx and getting there on public transportation.” >> read more

Study: autism costs more than double as people age | Disability Scoop

The study found that the greatest costs are associated with residential care and day care. >> read more

For autistic adults, a chance to come home | Hartford Courant

“In its largest project in its history, Chapel Haven, already considered an economic engine in the Westville neighborhood, is poised to start a $41 million transformation of its campus- one that will include 30 assisted-living apartments so graduates from 30 and 40 years ago can return to the place that set them on the independent course in the first place.” >> read more

Man with autism finds rewarding career with West Loop Tech Company | ABC7Chicago

Infiniteach is an education technology company that develops products and services aimed at helping the autism community, and they’re doing fantastic work. >> read more

Helping adults with autism live more independent lives |

At the First Place Transition Academy at Gateway Community College, adults with autism are learning about living independently, basic life skills like managing bank accounts, finding a job, and figuring out public transportation. >> read more

March 2016

We may have been wrong about autism and empathy | Huffington Post

People with autism make moral decisions in a similar manner to those without the condition, according to a new study. >> read more

Poverty and disability in America matter | Huffington Post

Poverty and disability are intricately related. It is troubling to note that 25 years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), adults with disabilities are twice as likely to live in poverty as those without a disability. >> read more

People with autism prefer partners on the spectrum | Spectrum News

A massive Swedish study suggests that men and women who have a psychiatric condition such as autism, schizophrenia or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder tend to pair up with people who share their diagnosis. >> read more

Autism and ill health: how to spot the subtle signs that something is wrong | The Guardian

People with autism and learning disabilities can die up to 20 years prematurely. So how can we help carers and health workers diagnose illness in non-verbal patients? >> read more

Families deeply impacted by autism aggression, study finds | Disability Scoop

Though aggression is not typical of everyone with autism, new research suggests that it affects many with the developmental disorder and brings significant and often lifelong challenges. >> read more

Judges learn how to work with defendants on the spectrum | Disability Scoop

1,000 district judges in the state of Pennsylvania are now required to take a course on how to handle defendants with autism of all ages in their courtrooms. >> read more

For transition-age students, mock store offers job training | Disability Scoop

A true-to-life replica of a CVS pharmacy is serving as a training ground for students with developmental disabilities to learn valuable employment skills. >> read more

Women with autism: do they really suffer less than men? | New Statesman

Are autistic women the ultimate masters of disguise? New research suggests women could face yet another gender-related disadvantage. >> read more

February 2016

A legacy for special needs |

“[Special needs young adults] have the same needs as any typical young adult. They require a sense of accomplishment, socialization, physical activity, and opportunities to grow and have a secure, dignified quality of life.” >> read more

Helping patients with autism navigate the stressful ER | CNN

A small but growing number of hospital ERs across the U.S. are implementing accommodations for patients on the autism spectrum, hoping to improve the quality of care and efficiency. >> read more

Director brings the reality of autism to the big screen | New York Post

“My hope is, next time you’re in the grocery store and you a mother of a child who’s throwing a wild tantrum, instead of deciding that child is a brat, thinking, ‘Maybe that’s a child with autism.’ Maybe saying, ‘How can I help?'” – Janet Grillo, Director >> read more

My son with autism is going to college. Cue the happy tears | The Washington Post

“Experts told us college and a ‘normal life’ were likely out of the question for our son. He proved them wrong.” >> read more

The dark side of the stim: self-injury and destructive habits |

While stimming is considered a normal and healthy part of autism, unhealthy stims, such as self-inflicted pain, can be a major cause of concern. According to author Kirsten Lindsmith, “The stronger the overload, the stronger the stim has to be to provide the needed relief.” >> read more

Nemours ER becomes autism friendly | Orlando Sentinel

Kudos to Nemours Children’s Hospital for accommodating children with autism. We urge facilities treating adults to follow suit! This program was started with a mere $500- a small investment that can mean everything to families. >> read more

We love autistic children- until they grow up |

A lot of autistic people “fall off the cliff” at 21, when public support (and, often, our compassion) ends. >> read more

A closer look at 529 Able accounts | The New York Times

“Able accounts are owned by the disabled individual, who has direct access to the funds (unless a parent or legal guardian makes decisions for the person). This feature is important, Ms. Weir said, to help individuals who are able to handle their own finances become as independent as possible.” >> read more

Devising spectrum of tests for different types of autism | Spectrum News

According to Spectrum News, diversity represents a major hurdle for developing treatments for individuals on the autism spectrum. >> read more

Are officers trained to encounter people with autism? | News4JAX

After a father of a teen with autism contacted News4JAX, we learned how area law enforcement agencies train officers and deputies how to handle encounters with people with autism. >> read more

Autism program at Shadow Mountain gives students real-life skills | AZ ED News

Paradise Valley Unified School District and Shadow Mountain High School have implemented a new resource for students with autism that helps them learn basic and necessary life skills such as safety and taking care of a home. >> read more

How to design for autism |

The architect behind the Center of Autism and the Developing Brain says the key is to be sensitive to light, sight, textures, and sounds. >> read more

George Washington University names director of autism and neurodevelopmental disorders institute | GW Today

Kevin Pelphrey, a global leader in autism research, and $5 million investment will transform GW into a top research and treatment center for adolescents and young adults with autism. >> read more

January 2016

‘In a Different Key: The Story of Autism,’ by John Donvan and Caren Zucker | The New York Times

How autism came to be viewed not as an exotic disorder but as part of the human condition. >> read more

Plan for your autistic child’s legal and financial future |

Once your autistic child reaches the age of 18, he’s a legal adult. These important tips will help you plan for her future welfare. >> read more

The coming avalanche of autistic adults | USA Today

Autistic children never really grow up. How are we going to take care of them? >> read more

Autism: a better understanding | ABC News

Former “Nightline” correspondent John Donvan and producer Caren Zucker discuss their 15 years reporting on autism. >> read more

Creating an autism friendly university |

A new college project aims to break down barriers for students. >> read more

‘In a different key’ traces history and politics of autism | NPR

“…journalists John Donvan and Caren Zucker delve into the history of the good and bad intentions, sometimes wrongheaded science and shifting definitions that can cloud our understanding of what has come to be called the autism spectrum.” >> read more

Tracing autism, from past to present | Boston Globe

A new book on autism that delivers a comprehensive history of the condition has just been published. >> read more

Sacramento group helps autistic young adults fit in, improve social skills | The Sacramento Bee

“Formed two years ago by Carmichael therapist Kim Wagaman, Strasser’s group is one of few such gatherings in the Sacramento region designed for autistic adults out of high school but not quite independent. It provides an opportunity for them to regularly interact with people beyond family members.” >> read more

Autism studies in girls, women getting more attention | Press of Atlantic City

As more attention is paid to studying girls and women with autism, advocates hope it will lead to earlier diagnoses and to more programs that will benefit girls. >> read more

Seeing the spectrum | New Yorker

A new history of autism. >> read more

11 people with autism explain what stimming feels like | The Mighty

Stimming, or self-stimulatory behaviors, are behaviors people with autism may exhibit to counteract an overwhelming sensory environment or alleviate the high levels of internal anxiety, according to Temple Grandin’s post in Autism Digest. >> read more

The mysterious link between autism and extraordinary abilities | The Atlantic

While savantism in people with autism is an enduring mystery, brain imaging studies are providing glimpses into the mechanism underlying the exceptional talents held by some individuals on the spectrum. >> read more

Why “high functioning” autism is so challenging |

In reality, “high functioning” autism is not a simple or easy diagnosis to live with, yet the media and misinformation can lead the public to believe otherwise. >> read more

9 Signs you could be on the autism spectrum | Bustle

“But it’s also perfectly possible for people, particularly those with more functional forms of autism, to reach adulthood without ever knowing they actually have a place in the autistic community.” >> read more

The early history of autism in America | Smithsonian Mag

A surprising new historical analysis suggests that a pioneering doctor was examining people with autism before the Civil War. >> read more

Going beyond autism awareness into autism adulthood | Huffington Post

“We wouldn’t join an organization these days named ‘Cure Autism Now,’ even if that’s what we want. The organization we need at this point is ‘Prepare and Provide for Severely Autistic Adults Now.'” >> read more

December 2015

Scientists just made a major breakthrough in understanding autism | Mother Jones

Last week, a study published in the journal Current Biology finds a link between autistic behavior and a neurotransmitter. >> read more

Study finds altered brain chemistry in people with autism | MIT News

Neuroscientists link autism to reduced activity of key neurotransmitter in human brain. >> read more

Graduation rate trending up for students with disabilities | Disability Scoop

For the third year in a row, federal officials say that the graduation rate for the nation’s students with disabilities is on the rise. >> read more

MSU student is first woman to graduate from College to Career Experience Program | WPSD Local

“Cain is the first woman to receive a College to Career Certificate of Completion in Kentucky. It’s part of the comprehensive transition program or the SHEP program (supported higher education project).” >> read more

The missing generation | Spectrum News

“Left to languish in psychiatric institutions or drugged for disorders they never had, many older adults with autism were neglected or forgotten for decades. Efforts to help them are finally underway.” >> read more

PBS to air autism documentary | Disability Scoop

A documentary focusing on how people with autism experience love and manage romantic relationships is set to appear on PBS. >> read more

What life is REALLY like with autism | Daily Mail

Fascinating 60-second video shows how everyday sounds such as a ticking clock can be unbearable. >> read more

November 2015

IRS relaxes rules for new ABLE accounts | Disability Scoop

The Internal Revenue Service is easing up on rules for new accounts that will allow people with disabilities to save money without jeopardizing their government benefits. >> read more 

How to keep the bullies at bay for those on the autism spectrum | The Art of Autism

Many autistic people don’t realize they may be being bullied. >> read more

Financial inclusion and shared prosperity: the next frontier for people with disabilities | Huffington Post

“One in five families nationwide now includes a member with a disability.” >> read more

Meeting the needs of young adults with autism | WFAE

Few find it easy to transition from school to the adult world but for people with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s syndrome, it can be a real challenge. Learn about a program designed to help. >> read more

Adult autism: the unique challenges of age | The Sentinel (

Mention the word “autism” in conversation and many will likely assume you are referring to autistic children. >> read more

Young adults with autism learn dating skills | WFMZ

A study shows a social skills program offered significant improvement in participants’ ability to overcome their social fears. >> read more

Adults with autism have higher rates of allergies and anxiety | North Dallas Gazette

Adults with autism are more likely to suffer seizure disorders and depression, according to a new study. >> read more

Survey finds big increase in number of kids estimated to have autism | CNBC

A new government survey finds that more than 2 percent of U.S. kids have been diagnosed with autism- or 1 in 45 children aged 3 and older. >> read more

Behind the shortage of special ed teachers: long hours, crushing paperwork | NPR

It is getting harder and harder for administrators to find quality special education teachers. Which means student needs (and federal laws) are not being met. >> read more

Is a ‘spectrum’ the best way to talk about autism? | The Atlantic

The way people describe the condition makes it difficult, if not impossible, to define. >> read more

Rutgers announces initiative to launch center to support adults with autism |

Rutgers Center for Adult Autism Services’ vocational and residential programs aim to integrate adults with ASD into university community. >> read more

Being nonverbal “doesn’t mean I can’t think” | The Visible Parent

The term nonverbal is inaccurate and should not be equated with intellectual disability. >> read more

Why Sesame Street chose a girl character to portray autism | Idaho Statesman

“We made sure she was a girl namely because autism is seen so much more often in boys… We wanted to make it clear that girls can be on the spectrum, too. We’re trying to eliminate misconceptions, and a lot of people think that only boys have autism.” >> read more

October 2015

Young adults with autism create and share through art | cbc news

Four young P.E.I. artists made their art-world debut as part of the Stars in Your Eyes art show last week, put on by a charitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people with autism. >> read more

In autism, brain responses to pain don’t match verbal ones | Spectrum News

“They’re rating their pain exactly the same, even though their brains respond totally differently.” >> read more

The Amazing Song: Sesame Street and Autism | Sesame Street and Autism

The Sesame Street gang sings a song about the amazing in all of us. >> read more

The myth of the ‘Autistic shooter’ | New York Times

There is not direct link between spectrum disorders and violence of any kind. >> read more

Autism coming-of-age documentary to debut on HBO | Disability Scoop

A film following a group of young women on the spectrum as they prepare for the social challenges of attending a dance is set to air on HBO later this month. >> read more

Why it’s so difficult to diagnose autism in girls | Slate

“…most autism screening and diagnostic tools were developed based primarily on observations of behaviors in boys.” >> read more

September 2015

Test of repetitive behaviors adapted for adults with autism |

A new questionnaire provides a standardized measure that allows researchers to reliably track repetitive and restrictive behaviors in adults with autism over time. >> read more

My son has the kind of autism no one talks about | Huffington Post

“Autism and behaviors go hand-in-hand. Why? The behaviors are communication. Individuals with autism often can’t communicate in a way that typically functioning people can understand. So they do things to get their needs met. And often the things they do are scary and violent.” >> read more

Autism’s hidden gifts | The Atlantic

There’s a popular misconception that autistic people are either anti-social tech geniuses or Rain Man-like savants. But research is increasingly showing that even “low-functioning” autistic people might be smarter than neurotypical people in certain ways. >> read more

Clue to autism may lurk in sensory nerves in our skin |

A particular kind of nerve, called C-tactile (CT) afferents, could help us understand the sensory-social dimensions of autism. >> read more

Developmentally disabled adults often abused and ignored | The Columbus Dispatch

About 70 percent of those with developmental disabilities are abused, and little is being done about it. >> read more

20 things not to say to a person with Asperger’s |

What NOT to say: “I never would have guessed. You seem so normal.” >> read more

NSU dental school gets $3.4M grant for autism training | Sun Sentinel

Researchers at Nova Southeastern University received a $3.4 million grant to help train dentists to provide appropriate dental care for individuals with autism. >> read more

Adult, Autistic and Ignored | The New York Times

“There is virtually no substantive national discussion on the fate of older autistic people like my brother.” >> read more

Arts program helps women with disabilities navigate sex, relationships | mpr news

For clients who may never have had sex ed, Upstream Arts offers a creative approach to learning about love, relationships and boundaries. >> read more

August 2015

Learned helplessness: Are you doing too much for your child? |

“Of course, it’s important to understand their disability and help them when appropriate, but try not to let your anxiety compel you to overdo for them and underdo for yourself.” >> read more

Opportunity knocks: Young adults with autism learn job skills at Ontario camp | CTV News

A Canadian camp that helps young adults with autism disorders develop job skills and find their place in the working world is seeing success, only two years after its inception. >> read more

Colleges for students with disabilities |

“We have put this guide together to help disabled students and their parents better understand their rights and responsibilities in regard to a postsecondary education. You will also find useful tips and information for locating the college or university program that best suits your needs.” >> read more

3 answers to the question “Will your autistic child lead a normal life?” |

“Even worse, these types of questions are unavoidable because they are built into autism assessments, transition planning, applications to state and federal agencies, and discussions with guidance counselors and financial planners.” >> read more

Film camp for young people on autism spectrum | youtube

Joey Travolta, brother of John Travolta, started OUCARES, a film camp for young people on the autism spectrum. The social, technical, and other skills they learn here could translate to the workforce. >> read more

How this university’s program for students with autism stands out from the rest | The Mighty

Austin Peay State University (APSU) is launching a pilot program aimed at improving the college experience for students on the autism spectrum. >> read more

We have autism all wrong: the radical new approach we need to understand and treat it |

Autism often gets portrayed as checklist of deficits. Rather than curb these behaviors, we should enhance abilities. >> read more

People with autism may be more creative: study | Tech Times

For the first time, scientists were able to find a link between autistic traits and creativity. >> read more

UT to add degree in disability studies | The Blade

A new undergraduate degree in disability studies aims to prepare University of Toledo students for jobs in advocacy, academia, public policy, law and other careers. >> read more

Young adults with autism flounder in face of service gaps |

“Approximately one in four young adults on the autism spectrum…receive no services that could help them become employed, continue their education or live independently. More than one-third are ‘disconnected during their early 20s,’ the researchers found, meaning they never get a job or continue education after high school.” >> read more

When a brother or sister has autism | Democrat & Chronicle

“I think, overall, the feelings of siblings are overlooked in society. In many ways, while parents don’t mean to do it, we’re often marginalized. We feel we have to take on added responsibilities.” >> read more

July 2015

Where’s the outrage when colleges discriminate against students with disabilities? | The Chronicle

“On the occasion of the Americans with Disabilities Act’s 25th anniversary, we should honor the progress made by so many students and faculty with disabilities, but we should also remember that colleges have a long way to go toward providing accessible and barrier-free education to all.” >> read more

Maria Shriver: We need to change the game of how we talk about intellectual disability | Time

Nearly half of our country continues to hold onto outdated views laced with fear and misunderstanding. >> read more

Why disability and poverty still go hand in hand 25 years after landmark law | NPR

If you have a disability in the U.S., you’re twice as likely to be poor as someone without a disability. You’re also far more likely to be unemployed. And that gap has widened in the 25 years since the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted. >> read more

Nike designed a sneaker for people with disabilities |

“With the sneaker’s Flyease tech, which features an unusual zipper mechanism that ties around the heel, Nike’s made it easier for the disabled community to tie their shoes.” >> read more

New autism support center to feature sensory garden |

Utah Valley University recently opened a new Autism Support Center, with the support of doTERRA. >> read more

A teen with Asperger’s taught the bullies who attacked him a lesson instead of pressing charges | Buzzfeed

“If you are reading this, I hope you talk to your teens, tell them about disabilities you can’t see, teach them to be tolerant of people that are different, teach them that if they continuously see someone alone that maybe it is not their choice to be alone, remind them to ask questions first and get to know one another.” >> read more

Autistic adults find job skills, and life skills, on a south Jersey farm | CBS Philly

A South Jersey farm has become a job training site for an unlikely group of growers: adults with autism and other intellectual disabilities. >> read more 

June 2015

Spotlight TEDx Talk: Want to help people who have autism? Try empathy | TEDx Innovations

“Activist Adam Harris says living with Asperger’s syndrome is like living on a planet ‘not built for him’. A planet built on rules and customs that are hard for him to decipher and that force him to work hard just to cope.” >> read more

Autism has been my life for 30 years and I’m still trying to understand it | The Jewish Chronicle

“The director of Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre- is irritated by the way we (and some medical practitioners for that matter) treat people with social disorders.” >> read more

I’m autistic. When you assess my needs, this is what you must know |

Small things can have a massive impact on how an autistic person feels in an appointment. >> read more

Lack of services for adult son with autism prompts Carmel family’s move out of Maine | Bangor Daily News

“We left New Hampshire about 17 years ago because there weren’t a whole lot of services for kids with autism. It’s been OK until he aged out of children’s services and that’s where it started to go drastically downhill,” Cynthia said. >> read more

ID cards helping police interact with drivers with autism | Autism Speaks

Drivers in Alabama who have been diagnosed with autism can now carry around a special identification card to communicate with police and others, says an article in the local NBC news affiliate. >> read more

Asperger’s advocate: Fargo man travels world speaking about autism | Inforum

“‘My goal is to help inform the world about the opportunities available for students on the autism spectrum after they graduate from high school and to let people know that there is hope as the transition into adulthood takes place,’ [Zaborny] says.” >> read more

Unseen agony: Dismantling autism’s house of pain |

“Noah’s experience illustrates the paradox of pain in autism.” >> read more

The coming tsunami: children with autism reaching adulthood |

There are a lot of resources available for children with autism, but what happens when they grow up? >> read more

I’ll be fine | vimeo

“I’ll Be Fine” is a short documentary about a family, their home, and the trials of living with a nineteen-year-old son who has autism. >> read more

I’ll Be Fine from Micha Hilliard on Vimeo.

Power of girls to thwart autism shows up in sibling study |

Children whose older sisters are on the spectrum are at higher risk for autism than are those with affected older brothers, suggests a new study. >> read more

10 things an autistic adult wants you to know | The Wall Street Journal

Blogger Lydia Wayman on what she wishes other people knew about her. >> read more

10 Tips to help young adults with autism transition into the workforce | Huffington Post

Finding employment is difficult for anyone, but the challenges that young adults with autism face are magnified. >> read more

May 2015

Technology breaks silence for nonverbal students | disability scoop

For years, educators and parents have reported promising results with iPads among kids with special needs. Now, the technology is proving useful for older students with disabilities too. >> read more

When children with autism grow old | SDSU News Center

SDSU researchers receive a major NIH grant to study brain and cognitive changes in aging adults with autism. >> read more

What’s in a name? Whatever you’d like |

What does ‘autism’ mean? And who owns this term? >> read more

Primary care doctors unprepared to help adults with autism |

“The providers admitted to being unprepared: 77 percent rated their ability to care for someone with autism as poor or fair.” >> read more

Adults with autism are at risk for host of health problems |

“Adults with autism are at an increased risk for diabetes, depression and a number of other health problems…” >> read more

Prosopagnosia and Asperger’s in the family | A Quiet Week in the House

“In 1975, prosopagnosia (face blindness) caused the only lingering conflict in my parent’s marriage.” >> read more

As more with autism near adulthood, clues to success emerge |

What’s the biggest predictor of success for individuals with autism in adulthood? Researchers say it might not be what you’d expect. >> read more

Diagnosed with autism at 21- and OK with it | Wall Street Journal

With a friend’s help, Lydia Wayman discovered the reason she found it hard to fit in. >> read more

Helping adults with autism thrive | ABC30

“By 2030 the number of adults living with autism is expected to increase by nearly 700-percent. But many adults with the disorder have nowhere to turn when it comes to medical care.” >>read more

9 Investigates arrests of people with autism |

“…when one officer asked the autistic man if he waived his rights, the young man stood looking nervous for a few moments and then waved his right hand.”>> read more

Temple Grandin: Don’t shelter autistic children, limit video games | Southern California Public Radio

Grandin says parents also need to help their kids find comfortable niches– away from video games. >> read more

Autism & Wandering: 60 second PSA | National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

This message applies to many adults on the autism spectrum as well. >> read more. 

Autism & Wandering: 60 second PSA from NCMEC on Vimeo.

Young adults with autism face big challenges |

After graduating from high school, young adults with autism are far less likely than their peers to find paid employment, according to researchers. >> read more

April 2015

Adults with autism find few services after school ends | The Baltimore Sun

What can families do today to help create better futures for our autistic adult children and loved ones? >> read more

Young Adults With Autism More Likely To Be Unemployed, Isolated | NPR

“Starting in the early to mid-1970s, there’s been a historic shift in the balance of jobs in the manufacturing sector to the service sector. And those types of jobs, which require lots of social interaction, are exactly the types of jobs that people with ‪#‎autism‬ have difficulty with.” >> read more

Stark Realities Of Autistic Adulthood | NPR

You don’t outgrow autism. But a wave of autistic children is growing into adulthood. What’s going to happen then? >> read more

Hollywood’s New Up-and-Comers? Autistic Young Adults | LA Magazine

Detail-oriented and technically skilled, young adults with autism are finding surprise careers in the film and television industries >> read more

March 2015

Autism and ill health: how to spot the subtle signs that something is wrong | the guardian

People with autism and learning disabilities can die up to 20 years prematurely. So how can we help carers and health workers diagnose illness in non-verbal patients? >> read more

For adults with autism, a lack of support when they need it most | Washington Post

Bundled up in a puffy green coat, Moore, 35 and sandy-haired, doesn’t stand out in the crowd seeking refuge from the winter cold in a drafty Starbucks. His handshake is firm and his blue eyes meet mine as we talk. He comes across as intelligent and thoughtful, if perhaps a bit reserved. His disability — a form of autism — is invisible. >> read more

Program Would Offer Job Training to 100 Young Adults With Autism | Hartford Courant

This first-ever vocational program – laid out in a bill that is before the legislature’s human services committee – is intended to begin to address two problems: high unemployment among adults with ‪#‎autism‬, and the difficulties many find with living independently. >> read more

People With ‘Invisible Disabilities’ Fight For Understanding | NPR

Some disabilities are more obvious than others. Many are immediately apparent, especially if someone relies on a wheelchair or cane. But others — known as “invisible” disabilities — are not. People who live with them face particular challenges in the workplace and in their communities. >> read more

February 2015

Autism advocate Temple Grandin: ‘Old-fashioned ’50s parenting’ can help kids | Michigan Live

Temple Grandin, a professor and author who has autism, called for a bit of old-fashioned 1950s-style parenting to teach social skills and help children develop their talents. >> read more

Hospital’s Autism Center Recognized For Patient-Centered Care | Hartford Courant

When the Hospital for Special Care opened its autism center three years ago in the former Mary Immaculate Academy on Corbin Avenue, the founders instinctively involved the children’s doctors, schools, and families in the treatment, and never forgot the children’s social and recreational needs. >> read more

Major study led by autistic scientist challenges long-held preconceptions about the condition | Medical Press

“Many people with [‪#‎autism‬] are disabled by sensory symptoms. It is important to know that the brain’s sensory systems are functioning well in autism. This suggests that we need to focus upon the way that the brain modulates the way that sensory input is experienced.” >> read more

Adults with autism are left to navigate a jarring world | Science News

Researchers turn attention to a growing population of adults with autism spectrum disorders >> read more

A life with autism | Science News

Jonas Moore, age 35, talks about life with autism and his expectations now that researchers are beginning to focus on the needs of adults with the disorder.

New Tools Aim To Make Doctor Visits Less Daunting | Disability Scoop

Adults with autism are less likely to go in for preventative procedures such as pap smears and tetanus shots. Many say they have skipped medical and counseling appointments they felt they needed. But people on the spectrum use the emergency room twice as often as typically-developing people. >> read more

January 2015

By Dimming Its Lights, Museum Opens Doors For Kids With Autism | NPR

Places like the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington are making it possible for those on the ‪#‎autism‬ spectrum and their families to enjoy all of the scientific marvels — minus the crowds. >> read more

Man With Autism Who Hugged Stranger Allowed to Return to College | NBC

This story involving an innocent gesture misconstrued ended on a happy note. >> read more

Student With Autism Kicked Out of College | NBC

An innocent hug and kiss landed him in trouble, his mother says >> read more

Report: Students With Disabilities Suspended More Frequently Than Peers | VPR

Vermont students lost over 8,000 days of classes in one school year due to suspension and expulsion. That’s according to a new report, and perhaps most telling in that report is the fact that those disciplinary actions were two to three times more likely to be taken on students with disabilities. >> read more

Is the U.S. Prepared for a Growing Population of Adults With Autism? | US News & World Report

Are we ready? >> read more

What happens to people with autism when they age out of school? | Wbez 91.5

Illinois has more than 19,000 minors who have ‪#‎autism‬. And that’s just what the schools are identifying. When these kids’ services expire from the state, they face the same choice as most young adults: school or work? But the transition to either of those worlds can be difficult depending on the disability. >> read more

December 2014

Fixing Autism Research | MIT Technology Review

“We need to come to grips with what autism really is.” -John Elder Robison  >> read more

Wish Book: Autistic lab worker flourishes at biomedical company | San Jose Mercury News

Project Search trains young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism and cerebral palsy, for competitive, entry-level jobs in the medical field. >> read more 

Researchers Identify Autism ‘Thought-Marker’ | Disability Scoop

“We’ve shown not just that the brains of people with autism may be different, or that their activation is different, but that the way social thoughts are formed is different. We have discovered a biological thought-marker for autism.” >>  read more

November 2014


“What we’ve learned in the last five years about the underlying genetics is that there are hundreds, if not a thousand or more, different genetic subtypes of autism,” says geneticist David Ledbetter, chief scientific officer at Geisinger Health System in Danville, Pennsylvania. >> read more

No Longer ‘Falling Off the Cliff’ | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Programs like Cutting Edge provide a way for colleges to respond to what many disability advocates call “falling off the cliff.” >> read more

Children of Color and Autism: Too Little, Too Late | Huffington Post

African-American children are just not getting a diagnosis of autism as quickly as their white peers. According to the CDC, while many children are diagnosed with autism at around 4 years old, researchers have determined that African-American children may be diagnosed as much as 18 to 24 months later. >> read more

October 2014

Going to College with Special Needs | Madison House Autism Foundation

Toolkit, sample brag sheet, and a high school v. college chart. >> read more

Laundry service provides jobs for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder | Autism Daily Newscast

Oakland University has just opened an on-campus laundry service that provides employment opportunities for adults with #‎autism. >> read more

Student, 21, With Autism Dies After She Chokes at Brooklyn School |New York Times

The investigator for the city schools is investigating the death of a 21-year-old student with autism who choked on a muffin at her school in Brooklyn at lunchtime >> read more

Autistic Adults Receive Medical Care At Center Designed For Them | WOSU

“‘There seems to be a lack of [medical] support for young adults and older teens who are on the ‪#‎autism‬ spectrum,’ says Gaunt. Gaunt found help for her son at a new center in Hilliard…” >> read full article

A film school for those with autism | CNN on YouTube

Video about a film school for individuals with ‪#‎autism‬ headed by John Travolta’s brother, Joey.

Untapped Potential: Autistic Adults | Cognoscenti

This article puts into perspective how a positive attitude, a supportive community, and hard work can help one achieve his/her potential. >> read more

15 Airports That Offer “Rehearsal Programs” for Individuals With Autism | Friendship Circle Blog

What are some strategies you use to help prepare a loved one with ‪#‎autism‬ for flying?>> read more

Searching for psychiatrists with expertise in autism | SFARI

The lack of psychiatrists with specific training in autism contributes to misdiagnoses and misguided treatments. A 2012 study found that 60 percent of psychiatric diagnoses among people with autism were no longer supported when the assessment took into account behaviors typically seen in autism, such as insistence on sameness or repetitive rocking. >> read more

September 2014

Americans With Disabilities Are More Likely To Be Poor, Report Finds | Huffington Post

“Jane, a 60-year-old single mother of five who has ‪#‎autism‬ as well as a neuromuscular disability and runs a small business, told the report’s authors that the time she spends advocating for herself and her children detracts from the time she has available to work. ‘The assumption is that disabled people are incompetent, and we don’t have family obligations, [and] that we are stealing from the system,’ she said. ‘But being poor is a full-time job.'” >> read full article

Helping students with Asperger’s prepare for university life | The Guardian

The ‪#‎transition‬ from high school to university life brings exciting and sometimes scary new challenges for everyone. As the number of students with ‪#‎autism‬ continues to increase, it is important to recognize and support these individuals with their unique needs. >> read more

August 2014

FIU Health launching a comprehensive health care program for adults with autism | FIU News

FIU Health is launching FIU EMBRACE, a comprehensive and integrated clinical and training program dedicated to providing medical and behavioral health care to adults with autism spectrum disorder.  >> read news

Exploring the Spectrum | Excel Magazine

“People with autism are valuable members of our communities … Like all people, they have dreams, roles to play, contributions to make. … We need to know what experiences, beyond clinical interventions, promote positive outcomes and prevent negative ones — both for people on the autism spectrum and the families and communities they are part of.” >> read more

Program helps young adults take autism to work | Click On Detroit

Project Search teaches necessary job skills, eases transition to workforce. >> read more

July 2014

When the Caregivers Need Healing | Washington Post

“… a study published last week in the journal Pediatrics offers hope. It found that just six weeks of training in simple techniques led to significant reductions in stress, depression and anxiety among [parents of adults with‪#‎autism‬]” >> read more

Randy Lewis: ‘We haven’t found a disability we can’t employ’| HR Magazine

“He also advises setting targets. Walgreens has a ‘dream goal’, to have a 10% disabled workforce within five years – Lewis points out it’s more difficult to achieve results in 8,000 stores than in 20 distribution centres. ‘What gets measured gets done,’ he adds.” >> read full article 

Barriers to Effective Medical Care for Autistic Adults | Psychology Today

How do individuals with ‪#‎autism‬ experience visits to the doctor differently? >> read more

June 2014

Barriers to Effective Medical Care for Autistic Adults | Psychology Today

Why is it hard to get good medical care if you’re on the autism spectrum? >> read more

Thinking Smarter About People Who Think Differently | Wired

Steve Silberman discusses autistic adults, inclusion, and his forthcoming book NeuroTribes: A smarter way of thinking about people who think differently. >> read more

Thinking Smarter About People Who Think Differently

Adult Autism Bullying | Connect Autism

Video that explains how bullying affects not only autistic children, but autistic adults as well >> watch video

Do People with Autism Struggle with Driving? First Study Asks Autistic Adults about Real-World Driving Experiences Drexel Now

In the first pilot study asking adults on the autism spectrum about their experiences with driving, researchers at Drexel University found significant differences in self-reported driving behaviors and perceptions of driving ability in comparison to non-autistic adults. >> read more

Half of adults with autism are abused by someone they know: Charity’s warning over ‘devastating scale’ of neglect | Daily Mail

Selected findings from a Survey by the National Autistic Society of 1,300 adults with autism >> read more

Half of autistic adults ‘abused by someone they trusted as a friend’ | The Guardian

Selected findings from a Survey by the National Autistic Society of 1,300 adults with autism >> read more

Talented Musician With Autism Running Out Of Money For College | CBS Denver

A talented young man battling autism is determined to become a professional musician but his college money was all used up to get him this far. >> read article

May 2014

Researcher Delivers IMFAR Keynote on Adults with Autism | youtube

Marsha Mailick describes findings on critical life transitions and factors that promote independence and function in adulthood. >> watch video

Study Finds Adults With Autism More Prone To Chronic Disease | Disability Scoop

Though less likely to smoke or drink, a new study finds that adults with autism are at higher risk for a slew of health problems ranging from diabetes and obesity to heart failure. >> read story

April 2014

2013 IACC Strategic Plan Update Provides Accounting of ASD Research Progress Over Last 5 YearsInteragency Autism Coordinating Committee

In most research areas, including those where funding fully met recommendations, the Committee suggested that additional investment would be needed to fully achieve the aspirational goals of making appropriate diagnosis, intervention and services available to all individuals with ASD, including people of all ages, cultural groups and levels of ability. >> read article

FIU Health launching a comprehensive health care program for adults with autism | FIU News

FIU Health is launching FIU EMBRACE, a comprehensive and integrated clinical and training program dedicated to providing medical and behavioral health care to adults with autism spectrum disorder. >> read article

FIU Health launching a comprehensive health care program for adults with autism

March 2014

February 2014

Prevalence and Impact of Unhealthy Weight in a National Sample of US Adolescents with Autism and Other Learning and Behavioral Disabilities | NIH

Obesity prevention and management approaches for the autism population subgroup need further consideration. >> read article

Social skills, contentment evade adults with autism | SFARI

Two new reports begin to fill in the gap, using systematic and quantitative analysis to assess adult life with autism. >> read more

New diagnostic criteria will hold subset of autism cases | SFARI

Most of the children who would lose their autism diagnosis under the diagnostic criteria released last year will fall under the new category of social communication disorder, reports a large study of Korean children. >> read article

Mother of autistic student fights for son’s right to education ABC News 10

David Swanson, a severely autistic and diabetic young man has not been in school in Yuba City since February 2013. A hearing is underway this week before a judge to determine if David can go back to school. >> read more

January 2014

8 Great Resources for Information About Autism Services, Education, and Funding About

It’s all very nice to hear that children with autism are “entitled” to certain rights, services, and funding.  But where do you find reliable information about what your REAL entitlements are, or how to tap into the services you need? >> read more

Doctor hopes film raises awareness about adult autism | The Boston Globe

Autism researcher Dr. Christopher McDougle made his film debut last week in a documentary called “Sounding the Alarm,” which premiered at Massachusetts General Hospital ahead of other screenings nationwide and an online release.  >> read more

A City Education: Students Will Stop Saying ‘That’s Gay’ and ‘Retarded’ if Adults Quit, Too | Good

To much of society, they may not seem like a big deal because they’re not words that are originally rooted in hate. They may not seem like a big deal because you’re not often reprimanded when you use them. But, addressing the use of these words is especially important in schools, where language is developed. >> read more

Adults with autism can’t discern false emotions | SFARI

Adults with autism usually understand in theory when and why others may feign emotions, but they don’t recognize those expressions in real-life situations, reports a study published 4 December in Autism Research. >> read more

Employment may lead to improvement in autism symptoms | Vanderbilt University

More independent work environments may lead to reductions in autism symptoms and improve daily living in adults with the disorder, according to a new study released in theJournal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. >> read article

December 2013

Are Parents of Children With Autism More Likely to Divorce? | Autism Daily Newscast

Can raising a child with autism lead to divorce? Kymberly Grosso, author of the blog Autism in Real Life, conducted a survey of 52 divorced parents raising a child with autism to explore this question.  >> read article