Desi’s Desk: Bringing the Autism Community Together…Over Breakfast!


Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew all of the faces, voices, and projects of the local service providers in your county?

Desiree Certificate
The First Annual Autism Leaders Breakfast brought together over 50 autism professionals and organizations from Palm Beach County for a quick 2-hour meet-and-greet and short presentation by Scott Badesch, CEO of the Autism Society of America. Hosted by and at Florida Atlantic University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, it was sponsored by 4 different organizations in order to help local professionals and organizations meet each other, share what is happening, and realize what needs to happen in Palm Beach County.


 photo breakfast

Every organization was given a few minutes to talk about about their specific services offered, what projects they are working on, and how they may seek partnerships with others. Not only was I impressed with the passion and dedication of these local organizations, it was very encouraging to see the group conversations turning into collaborative plans for future meetings and local problem solving!



Thank you Florida Atlantic University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, Unicorn Children’s Foundation, The Slomin Family Center, Autism After 21, and the Autism Project of Palm Beach County for putting on a homerun networking event and inviting Madison House to be part of it as well!




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