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Coming Soon: Autism Housing Network


With waiting lists that are sometimes decades long, creating housing options so that adults with autism can live outside of their family home if they choose is an overwhelming national challenge.  But solutions do exist and many intrepid groups across the nation are moving forward independently to pilot diverse approaches, models and initiatives.  How can parents find out about them? How can others learn what is working and what is not? How can autistics and their families give their own critical feedback?

Madison House Autism Foundation is launching an interactive Autism Housing Network to promote innovators’ ideas, share best practices and biggest challenges, and provide a platform for conversation, sharing, and forward progress.  The beta site will launch in early 2013.  Click here if you’re interested in providing feedback and contributing content in the early stages. To support this effort as a volunteer researcher or contributor, or to provide critical financial sponsorship of the Autism Housing Network, contact Adrienne McBride.





  1. Jackie Smith
    Jackie Smith06-01-2014

    please send me lsome resources and live in facilities for adults with autism . my cousin’s son needs placement and i am trying to help her. thank you for your expertise in this matter

  2. Gabrielle Johnson
    Gabrielle Johnson01-23-2016

    I love hearing the information

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