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Choosing a Medical ID for Persons Living with Autism (10% OFF DISCOUNT CODE INSIDE)


According to a study, more than 3.5 million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder. One concern of adults who are personally living with autism is the ability to convey their specific needs in the event of an accident or emergency.

Emergency medical alert bracelets ensure that symptoms of autism, such as difficulty communicating and repeated actions or ticks, are not misdiagnosed by medical professionals. Wearing a medical ID clearly defines that these symptoms are linked to autism and that they are not caused by the medical emergency especially when time is of the essence. Thus, wearing a medical ID helps avoid unnecessary tests, long hospital stays, and can even save a person’s life.

Four Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Medical ID 

1. What to Engrave

The first step is to identify the most important medical information to include in your medical ID. Apart from autism, other conditions such as food allergies or diabetes can be engraved on a medical ID.  It’ll also hold your emergency contact’s details whether it be a loved one or an attending physician. For example:

Name: Jasper King

Medical conditions: Autism, Peanut Allergy

ICE: Janet 510-462-1172

2. Wrist Size

Medical IDs can be easily ordered online by providing your wrist size. The right way to do this is by using a measuring tape and adding 1/2 to 1 inch to match how fitted you’d like your medical ID bracelet to be. Medical ID necklaces with a variety of chain sizes are also available.

3. Age and Lifestyle

Nowadays there are large selections of medical IDs to choose from. Start by choosing the type of medical ID that’ll fit your lifestyle or employment. As an example, a person living with autism and is working as an IT professional may prefer a classic stainless medical ID to go with workplace attire. Someone working in common trades like carpentry or plumbing may prefer light weight curb chain medical alert bracelets.

4. Personal Style

Last but not the least, choose a medical ID that you’d be proud to wear. Remember, a medical ID jewelry is something you’ll need to wear consistently for your own safety and peace of mind. Enjoy wearing it by choosing a medical alert that fits your personal style. Look for style categories like classic, modern, urban, rugged, and vintage among many others.

Refer to this handy image when choosing your medical ID and continue below for a special discount.

95% of emergency respondents check for a medical ID. Medical ID jewelry is a simple & effective solution that can bring safety, security, and peace of mind for adults with autism and their families – regardless of which spectrum an autism belongs to. In addition, medical IDs allow wearers to advocate for their own health and safety while raising awareness in their own community.

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Author: Lace Llanora, American Medical ID

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    American Medical ID07-02-2017

    Thank you Madison House Autism for helping spread the word on the importance of medical IDs, especially for persons and loved ones living with autism! It’s our mission to make medical IDs available to those who need them most and it’s our pleasure to offer this discount program to your community.

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