Autism Prevalence Increases to 1 in 50 According to CDC Study



Autism Prevalence Increases to 1 in 50 According to CDC Study

A new government survey of parents says 1 in 50 U.S. schoolchildren has autism. This is higher than previous federal estimates.

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“The new estimate released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would mean at least 1 million children have autism.” 
Study: More children being diagnosed with some form of autism as they get olderTwo percent of U.S. schoolkids – or about a million children – have been diagnosed with some sort of autism, according to the latest gove…
The fact that these numbers are controversial points to the magnitude of the challenges, and the struggle that so many families are facing, often alone.  It also means that if you step back and look at the trend over the past two decades, we not only face an enormous challenge today but it is going nowhere but up and to the right. Thus the need for MHAF (Madison House Autism Foundation), one of the few organizations that is oriented toward developing strategy and solutions now to address the future needs of autistic children when they become autistic adults.
“Based on parent reports, the prevalence of diagnosed autism spectrum disorder in 2011–2012 was estimated to be 2 percent for children aged 6–17,” the report reads. “This prevalence estimate (1 in 50) is significantly higher than the estimate (1.16 percent, or 1 in 86) for children in that age group in 2007.”
The difficulty in determining hard numbers explains the lack of strategic policy and planning at a national level and the need for organizations like MHAF to continue to push for awareness, research, market studies, education, and collaboration.
This population has been largely ignored for too long. Help us act now, support MHAF (Madison House Autism Foundation).

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