How can I make medical visits easier for my adult child?

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Doctors can play a tremendous role in improving the quality of daily life for families living with autism. Yet, sometimes it can be challenging, especially for an individual with autism, to communicate with his or her doctor effectively. Many doctors also do not receive adequate training in working with patients on the autism spectrum. How does one ensure proper treatment and care? We have collected information on medical experts throughout the country that specialize in autism and various training programs to facilitate better relationships between doctors and patients on the autism spectrum. The following presentation by MHAF advisor Dr. Faith Frankel better explains how parents, doctors, and self-advocates can work together to ensure successful medical visits.

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A toolkit is a resource manual that is broken down into helpful sections. Please explore the various medical toolkits below.


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 The articles and guides below cover a variety of topics related to medical issues. Some are written by autism medical experts and others by organizations, universities, and by parents and family members like you.

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