Call for Artists

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Perks of becoming an Arts for Autism artist:

  • Showcase work in curated art exhibitions

  • Chance to be featured on the Madison House Autism Foundation website

  • Be featured in the Madison House Autism Foundation Newsletter

  • Have work incorporated in autism awareness campaigns and other media

The team here at Madison House Autism Foundation believes that art is one of the best ways to connect adults on the autism spectrum to neurotypical (non-autistic) individuals. Art empowers communities by offering a window into the way autistic adults perceive our world and gives viewers the chance to understand, transcend, and work together to create a better and more humane future.

Our Arts for Autism program has provided many artists on the autism spectrum the opportunity to have their work showcased and enjoyed by numerous individuals. One of the main goals of the Arts for Autism is to have many creative voices heard through their art by as broad an audience as possible. Artists on the autism spectrum continue to enrich our lives and experiences, and we are proud to present platforms from which they can be recognized for their achievements and gifts.

Over the years, the Arts for Autism program has connected with and showcased the works of dozens of exceptional artists on the autism spectrum. Some of these artists paint, others do photography — we’ve even worked with sculptors and musicians. In the past, the Arts for Autism program has garnered the attention of universities, political figures, and even celebrities. We’ve worked in collaboration with Johns Hopkins and the Universities at Shady Grove to produce curated exhibitions, which have received local and national recognition and media coverage.

Our team is interested in finding ways to connect with artists of all disciplines to learn more about their experiences – not only as an artist – but as an individual. If you, a member of your family, someone you know, or someone you represent or work with is an artist on the autism spectrum, we would love to hear from you. We are presently collecting names and images from artists that we hope to incorporate into upcoming Arts for Autism events, but also for possible use in our newsletter, on our website, and for other awareness campaigns.

To apply to become a featured Arts for Autism artist, please fill out the application below.


Arts for Autism Application

Please submit your contact information and examples of the artist’s work. We will be in contact with you within 3 business days.

  • (You must be an adult to participate)

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