Sarah Meehan | Director of Strategy and Organizational Development

Sarah Meehan provides executive counsel and marketing and fundraising strategy to universities, business, and non-profits in the areas of branding and positioning, fundraising, crisis communications, board development, organizational development and strategic marketing. Her work with Madison House Autism Foundation includes capacity building, program development, communications, and fundraising.
Sarah’s clients include universities, state-wide systems of higher education, the arts, independent non-profits, boards, and for-profit businesses in the Mountain West and the East Coast. She also works to develop local, national, and global partnerships in health, education, and economic development.
Prior to her work as a consultant, she was Vice President for Advancement and Executive Director of its foundation for Montgomery College, a three-campus institution serving 60,000 students in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. During her tenure, the College undertook multiple successful campaigns, achieved record-setting increases in public and private funding and student enrollment; led the creation of the Universities at Shady Grove, a consortium of undergraduate and advanced degree universities across the state of Maryland to efficiently serve the needs of students and business; and launched a biotechnology business park and incubator.
Sarah is known for innovative and non-traditional approaches to fundraising, marketing, and branding; building collaborative teams and passionate volunteer bases; and designing creative message development and positioning to achieve strategic goals. She has guided the start-up and launch of numerous 501 (c) 3 organizations and boards, most recently the Pastor France Davis Scholarship Fund for African American students in Utah; led the creation of multiple endowed institutes in business, humanities, sciences and technology; and co-taught directors of 400 non-profit organizations in outcomes assessment and effectively combining story with data to build a compelling, results-based case.