Autism Housing Network

The Autism Housing Network: Turning Parents into Project Starters


Madison House Autism Foundation is excited to unveil a project that has been in the works for over a year now: the new Autism Housing Network (AHN).

“The AHN is the first interactive online community for adults with special needs and their families,” says Desiree Kameka, national housing expert at MHAF. “It serves as a hub of housing ideas and resources to help project starters create new options for thousands of adults with autism and related disabilities across the nation.” JaLynn Prince, President of MHAF, explains “The AHN is an answer carefully planned and implemented with a delicate sensitivity for adults, young and old, on the autism spectrum.”

The AHN offers various features that can make navigating and understanding the housing landscape much easier. The AHN Housing Directory gives users the ability to explore emerging and existing housing models through an interactive map and a user-friendly catalog. There are a few things that make the AHN especially unique. If you create an account on the site, you can save your favorite housing ideas to your Favorites page to refer back to when you’re ready. You can also submit your own projects to be added to the directory and map for other users to see and share. See a screenshot of the interactive map below.

Autism Housing Network

The AHN Resource Directory is a collection information, videos, presentations, and other media to educate parents, self-advocates, and project starters on the best practices in creating housing for adults with autism and related disabilities. Users can submit their favorite resources to share with others.

Do you have a specific question or comment about your housing project? The AHN Discussions Board is a great place to say whatever is on your mind. The AHN community would love to connect while helping you find the answers you need to make your project a success.

We welcome and invite you to join this exciting new community that is making housing a reality for adults with autism and other disabilities around the country. Visit to sign up or click the button below:

Autism Housing Network

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  1. Red williams
    Red williams04-25-2016

    In tears of joy finding this on my newsfeed in Facebook. Bless you all, truly a gift . My name is Red Williams and I’m a humble single mom of 6 kids. One of my six is autistic. I was I church 4 years ago and God placed a mission on my heart to open up an assisted living community for adults with autism called THE OHANA HOUSE. It is a dream and I know I must build it for my son, his friends here and for my 5 other. Kids that I want them to chase their own dreams and not worry about taking care of this brother when mommy goes up to heaven. I would love to to chat with anyone that could guide me i, pray with me, /@advice me etc, anything is greatly appreciated. Namaste beautiful soul family
    Leading with love

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