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October 2016

How autism impacts my life in ways you can’t see | Huffington Post

“You won’t see tons of pictures of me out with family and friends on social media.” >> read more

Father of autistic man killed by Hays officer talks about his loss |

The Webers hope to pass legislation called “Joey’s Law”. This law would provide identification through car registration to let officers know if someone has a disability- something John Weber wishes the officer had known about his son, Joey. >> read more

Autistic and seeking a place in an adult world | The New York Times

Justin Canha, a young artist with autism, prepares for life as an independent adult. >> read more

‘Autistic man lives here cops no excuse’ painted on Henderson home | KTNV

Due to the lack of autism training for law enforcement in many areas, some parents are resorting to extreme measures to protect their adult children. >> read more

September 2016

Temple Grandin: The 30-second wow how to sell your art and music | The Art of Autism

In this interview, Temple Grandin gives practical advice for artists and musicians about their business of their art. >> read more

A letter to my autistic son about where you will live as an adult | The Mighty

“As I accept the fact that none of this is an easy fix, all of me knows I love you and want for you the three things I’ve wished since your conception: for you to be safe, happy, and loved.” >> read more

Mark Jessen is the face of business beyond bias at SAP | SAP SuccessFactors Youtube

We commend businesses, like SAP, who are stepping up to create opportunities for adults with autism. This is an untapped population with an array of skills and talents to contribute. >> read more

McDonald’s worker in Needham retires after 32 years at the french fry station | The Boston Globe

When Freia David began working at McDonald’s through an innovative program to place adults with cognitive disabilities in community jobs, her mother worried. What if the work was too hard? What if she didn’t fit in? >> read more

August 2016

Cleveland man speaking for autism |

His sign says, “My name is John and I have Autism! It is my goal to help others with Autism! Please help me turn my dream into reality.” >>read more

JC Penney hosts back-to-school shopping event for shoppers with autism | The Mighty

We want to see this in all stores. >> read more

How Phoenix became the most autism-friendly city in the world | PBS Newshour

Kudos to our friend Denise Resnick, her son, Matt, and PBS NewsHour for this wonderful special highlighting the lives of adults with autism. >> read more

Meet Ben, a photographer with autism | Youtube

“He can’t talk, and even has trouble moving, but he is fascinated by the world around him. See how his family and support workers have helped him become a photographer.” >> read more

Employee Spotlight | Adam “AJ” Jones: Thinking Out-Loud | Madison Fields

Madison Fields Barn Attendant, Adam Jones, has been riding and working with horses for 12 years. Adam is hard-working, diligent and extremely consistent. He also has Asperger’s Syndrome. >> read more

Asperger’s Are Us- I’m Pregnant | Youtube, Aspergers Are Us!

Check out this HILARIOUS sketch from Asperger’s Are Us, the first comedy troupe consisting of openly autistic people. >> read more

July 2016

Luke’s best chance: One man’s fight for his autistic son | Rolling Stone

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Paul Solotaroff of Rolling Stone Magazine highlights Madison House Autism Foundation’s work in this powerful expose about the future faced by adults with autism. >> read more

New Jersey teen creates nightclub for developmentally disabled adults: ‘It’s what they see in the movies’ | People

“Some 100 developmentally disabled adults from the area walked the red carpet and a photographer snapped their arrivals before they danced the night away.” >> read more

What will happen to adult children with autism? |

The new film, ‘Life, Animated,’ sheds light on the realities facing families. >> read more

“Pokemon Go” more than game for autistic families and adults |

Some adults with autism are saying that the game has helped them get out and socialize more. >> read more

Dollywood adds calming room to help kids with sensory overloads | WKRN

It’s called a calming room, and it is the first of its kind at any theme park in the world. >> read more

From father to father, a few words of wisdom on raising kids with autism | NPR

“And you know what? Who he is today, I never thought he’d be, so I know there’s possibilities for him.” >> read more

Some South Jersey adults get autism diagnoses later in life | Press of Atlantic City

“There should be autism acceptance, not autism awareness,” Sharon, diagnosed at 45 years old, says. “Most people are aware of autism now. I just want to be understood.” >> read more

June 2016

Police: Man left adult daughter with autism to die in hot RV | Q13 Fox

An autistic woman is dead after police say her father left her and her twin sister in a hot RV while he stayed at a hotel in Nevada last week. >> read more

A love of Disney helps an autistic adult understand the world in Life, Animated |

“He doesn’t always look where he’s going because he tends to be overwhelmed by the common stimuli of light and noise. And the murmuring? That’s movie dialogue, which he recites to calm himself and to help him make sense of everyday experiences.” >> read more

After nearly 3 years in hospital, young man with autism finally gets a home | CBC

Michael Neve lived in The Ottawa Hospital’s psychiatric ward for two-and-a-half years while waiting for a room in a group home. >> read more

At age 33, John Howard finally freed by diagnosis of clinical autism |

“This beast of a man, this professional athlete who climbed the Octagon steps 14 times over the course of 13 hard years in the fight game– he was clinically autistic. He had been his whole life.” >> read more

After solitary birthday party, strangers send cards to woman with autism |

After none of her friends showed up to her 18th birthday party last year, strangers are striving to help Hallee Sorenson, a Maine woman who has autism, have a good 19th birthday. >> read more

A gentle activism |

“So I shall continue to do this rather hard thing of adding my voice, my autistic experience, in my little way. Because all voices are needed, including those who cannot manage the team effort and strategies of the larger autism activist culture. Simple stories, life experiences, told authentically, are activism, too.” >> read more

Special needs man shot to death after accidentally hitting car with basketball | WJLA

What a senseless act of violence. Heartbreaking. >> read more

Voices of autism- Panel 1: Young adults on the spectrum | Seattle Pacific University, Youtube

A wonderful panel of young adults on the autism spectrum discusses their lives and experiences at Seattle Pacific University. >> read more

May 2016

I’m high-functioning autistic. Here’s what the neurodiversity movement gets wrong | Pacific Standard

“I think it’s great that people want to normalize autism. But sometimes they gloss over how disabling it can actually be.” >> read more

Resources scarce for adults with autism | The Gazette

Kevin is severely autistic and still lives at home with his 62-year-old retired mother. He’s been on a waiting list to get into a group home since 2004. >> read more

Temple Grandin talks about autism | Fond du Lac Reporter

World-renowned livestock expert Temple Grandin, who has autism, wows a sold-out crowd at Marian University. >> read more

What you see is not what you get: life as a female autistic | Standard Issue Magazine

“Just because you can’t see autism, doesn’t mean its not there, says Sarah Hensrickx. Inside might be another woman just waiting to go home and do a little flap.” >> read more

This nonspeaking teenager wrote an incredible profound letter explaining autism | Washington Post

“This letter is not a cry for pity, pity is not what I’m looking for.” >> read more

Once isolated, graduate with autism finishes on top | Disability Scoop

He started high school isolated in special education classrooms and struggling, but with a little help, Holt Priest managed to graduate as one of his school’s most popular and beloved. >> read more

The other side of empathy |

“Empathy that accompanies pity is generated easily, sometimes automatically. But empathy in the face of apparent or real danger is generated “hardly”, if at all.” >> read more

Young man with autism helps rescue toddler | WSAZ

A young man from southeast Ohio is being credited for helping save a toddler from nearly drowning. >> read more

Watch Channing Tatum’s sweet interview with a reporter with autism | People

Carly Fleischmann, a 21-year-old who was diagnosed with autism as a child, had Tatum in stitches when he appeared on the first episode of her web series, Speechless with Carly Fleischmann. >> read more

April 2016

How Medicaid forces families like mine to stay poor | Vox

“I didn’t know how broken America’s safety net was until my sister-in-law became paralyzed.” >> read more

‘I am here’- silenced by autism, young man finds his voice | Seattle Times

“‘I. am. not. stupid. as. some. people. used. to . think,’ Ben types. He unwraps his arm from his dad’s and hits the period by himself, causing the computer to read each word in a robotic voice that he doesn’t really like, but he needs. Later he adds, ‘I want people to know I am here.'” >> read more

“Severely autistic” man dies after encounter with police | Washington Post

“A 45-year-old man who died following an encounter with Fairfax County police after wandering away from his caretakers Wednesday was ‘severely autistic’ and could not speak, his brother said Thursday.” >> read more

California artist with autism uses his synesthesia to paint vivid portraits: ‘I see beautiful colors in my dreams’ | People

“[Painting] calms me. I love the movement of the brush… It’s like a musician truly playing a beautiful instrument: both have great melodies.” >> read more

Autistic adults shouldn’t be children of a lesser god | Huffington Post

“While I am aware that autism is diagnosed in childhood for the majority of autistic individuals (myself included) and many crucial services are necessary in childhood, here’s the thing: autistic people are not perpetual children like Peter Pan. For the most part, children become adults.” >> read more

March 2016

The day I became disabled |

“Being suddenly seen as autistic did not change how I saw myself, but decidedly changed how others saw me, and it didn’t take long until my idea of how I thought others saw me changed drastically.” >> read more

Robert De Niro reveals his son has autism: inside his life as a father | People

“Grace and I have a child with autism and we believe it is critical that all of the issues surrounding the causes of autism be openly discussed and examined.” >> read more

What does it mean to ‘look autistic’? | The Atlantic

A writer’s reflections on the pain of “passing” for neurotypical. >> read more

Nonverbal man with autism and synesthesia set to host first solo art exhibit | ABC News

Despite what some would call obstacles, a nonverbal San Diego man discovered he had the ability to paint three years ago, and now he’s set to curate his first art exhibit later this month. >> read more

When cute children grow up | The Art of Autism

As autistic children grow older, those children who are often seen as cute are now seen as something to be feared. Parents often model fear in their children. >> read more

5 things my autistic brother taught me- without even trying | The Art of Autism

Natalie Breen is founder of AutismWorks in Boston. She discusses five things her autistic brother taught her over the years. >> read more

What is it like to have a grown child with autism? | Parents

“We all want our child to live a happy, fulfilling life. When I imagine a content Liam in the future, I see him doing work he enjoys, having a say in where he lives and what he wants, being able to communicate his thoughts and feelings, and being surrounded by people who respect him.” >>read more

Nike expands shoe line for people with special needs | Disability Scoop

Nike is adding to its lineup of sneakers designed specifically for people with disabilities, with a fresh range of offerings for both kids and adults. >> read more

Asperger’s and autism in girls: don’t be afraid of your awesomeness | Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

“Autism is a spectrum, but so often people forget to include the pink.” >> read more

Crossing guard with autism stopping traffic and helping kids | WCSH6

“It’s an important job to me because, think about it, if I don’t show up, who’s going to keep the kids safe?” said Lowe. >> read more

The Vermont farm where actors with disabilities make movies | The Atlantic

Every year, a group of people with and without disabilities meet on a farm in Vermont to write, produce, and act in original short films. >> read more

When we realized my husband has autism | The Mighty

After Jessica’s daughter was diagnosed with autism, it became clear that her husband was on the spectrum as well. >> read more

Autistic photographer Shauna Phoon captures the perfectly diverse ‘faces of autism’ | The Mighty

“There isn’t a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of being autistic.” >> read more

What it’s like to have a brother with autism | Youtube

“I love him to death and I want everyone to see how awesome our bond is!” >> read more

February 2016

A legacy for special needs |

“[Special needs young adults] have the same needs as any typical young adult. They require a sense of accomplishment, socialization, physical activity, and opportunities to grow and have a secure, dignified quality of life.” >> read more

Moraga singer, 27, with autism, performs at area assisted living facilities | East Bay Times

A young woman with autism is sharing her talents with the community in a meaningful way! >> read more

Overcoming the odds: Autism | Fox5NY

For Andrew Duff, growing up wasn’t easy. He knew he was different. Andrew didn’t say his first word until he was 5. All signs pointed to autism. >> read more

My son with autism is going to college. Cue the happy tears | The Washington Post

“Experts told us college and a ‘normal life’ were likely out of the question for our son. He proved them wrong.” >> read more

How I feel when I socialize as a person with autism | The Mighty Site Youtube

In about one minute, Andrew explains how socializing can be taxing for adults with autism like himself, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth the effort. >> read more

What happens to children with autism, when they become adults? | TEDxMorristown

“Kerry shares his own story and the stories of others as he asks us to consider the life trajectory of those like himself as they face the world as adults.” >> read more

Family outraged with court’s decision in autistic son’s felony assault case | The Mighty

“His case and countless others across the country highlight the need for professionals within the criminal justice system to be properly trained on supporting individuals with various diagnoses and recognizing various disabilities.” >> read more

Did Stevie Wonder just win the Grammys with call for accessibility for all? | m live

“‘We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability,’ Wonder said as he opened the envelope containing the Song of the Year winner.” >> read more

16 people with autism describe why eye contact can be difficult | The Mighty

For some people on the autism spectrum, making eye contact can be a stressful, distracting and sensory-taxing experience. >> read more

Autism | Youtube

“I think it’s better to say ‘treat Kelly and anyone else with autism or any disability the way you would want to be treated if you were in their shoes.’ Pay attention to their preferences. Pay attention to how they communicate.” >> read more 

Proms expected to draw 30,000 with special needs | Disability Scoop

Over 70,000 volunteers and more than 30,000 individuals with disabilities are expected to attend. The free proms are open to people with special needs ages 16 and older. >> read more

Film about autistic woman’s search for love coming to theaters | The Mighty

“I hope the audience comes away realizing that people with autism can feel empathy and love.” >> read more

Dad who fights for son with autism says he never gives up | Today

After a touching video of Bill Davis and son, Chris, recently went viral, Davis shares his story of limitless love for his autistic child. >> read more

Autism into adulthood |

“All special needs parents hope they live exactly one day longer than their child just because… I don’t know the situation,” one mother says. “I don’t know how to plan for that even.” >> read more

An apology to my autistic students… |

“I thought I knew what it means to teach a pupil with autism. But experience has given me something knowledge never could and I am sorry; now I understand.” >> read more

Fixing Luka | Sproutflix

This stop-motion short is inspired by the filmmaker’s experiences growing up with a younger brother with autism. >> read more

What it’s like to live with autism as an adult | Good Housekeeping

“I’m a 46-year-old woman, married with an 8-year-old son. I’m funny and talented and extremely creative. I have a rewarding career in the nonprofit world. I’m also autistic.” >> read more

Autism and my picky eating habits | Youtube

It might be hard for many to believe that Taylor cannot stand chocolate, cake, or ice cream. Sensory Sensitivities are real! >> read more

I have autism. Here are the 5 things I want parents to know | The Mighty

“Many people with autism keep on learning throughout all their lives. This is an important message for parents who feel it’s too late to help their children.” >> read more

Dear Target, please do this for adults with special needs and their families | The Mighty

This mom of an adult son with autism is urging Target to “place a sign that allows some reasonable wiggle room for people like [her] and others with special circumstances into the restrooms.” >> read more

Person with Asperger’s who made viral video with service dog shot dead by police | The Mighty

A transgender man named Kayden earned praise last year for sharing a YouTube video of himself being comforted by his dog, Samson, during a meltdown. This story highlights the need for first responder training to help keep both parties safe and hopefully prevent tragedies like these in the future. >> read more

The successful bakery that hires adults with autism | Good

Puzzles Bakery, in Schenectady, New York, decided to hire people with autism, and it’s been working out very well. >> read more

Molly Bourke’s Journey | Vimeo

Molly lives at Misericordia, Heart of Mercy. Let’s continue to support the full array of housing options for individuals with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. >> read more

Molly Bourke’s Journey from The Telling Well on Vimeo.

Sundance autism doc ‘Life, Animated’ sells to The Orchard |

“Life, Animated,” one of the most buzzed about documentaries to premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, has sold its North American rights to The Orchard, Variety has learned. >> read more

Meet Brad, a guy with autism who builds things | Youtube

Brad, an adult with autism, has a knack for building things. He can understand any diagram. Because of this, he’s really good at putting together Ikea furniture. His dad, Mark, has even helped him start his own furniture assembly business. >> read more

My life with Asperger Syndrome | Youtube

We can all learn so much from this video. >> read more

Father of teen with autism shares the love and laughs | The West Australian, Yahoo News

In 1998 at the age of two, Kirk Smith’s son JJ was diagnosed with severe autism and in the years that followed, Smith was inspired to start a career in comedy. >> read more

Meltdown leads to felony charge for teen on the spectrum | Disability Scoop

“Now, their 18-year-old son Paul is awaiting trial on a felony assault charge stemming from an incident at a library near Monterey, Calif. last July that the parents say criminalizes the disorder.” >> read more

January 2016

Autism’s first-ever patient, now 82, ‘has continued to grow his whole life’ | People

“If we could find a way to bottle the support that Forest has shown Donald, the world would be a better place,” author Caren Zucker tells PEOPLE. >> read more

A Community Smiles: building hope for adults with autism |

“Matt launched SMILE Biscotti, his Phoenix-based baking business in 2013, to further his independence.” >> read more

I was 35 when I discovered I’m on the autism spectrum. Here’s how it changed my life | Vox

“I knew, on some level, that I was autistic by the time I was in fifth grade.” >> read more

Meet Kevin, a rapper with autism and a slot-machine collection | Youtube

This is Kevin. He is mechanically minded, and loves busses, trains, fans, and slot-machines. He also loves music of (almost) all genres, and has started making his own, under the name “PK”. >> read more

Autism family drama coming to TV | Disability Scoop

“A one-hour drama about a family with a young child who has just been diagnosed with autism is headed to television. SundanceTV will air the six-episode series “The A-Word” later this year.” >> read more

Dad starts autism-friendly dinner club for families | Yahoo

“His dad, Lenard Zohn decided there had to be a better option for his family to find a more accepting environment to eat together. That’s when he had the idea for Autism Eats.” >> read more

Embracing autism: Journalist Ron Suskind on supporting his son’s strengths, advice for other parents |

“In the new film “Life, Animated,” Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind recounts his experience with his son Owen Suskind, who was diagnosed with regressive autism when he was three years old and has since gone to college and now holds two jobs.” >> read more

‘Autism in Love’: Dating and courtship on the spectrum | The Atlantic

What should you know about dating someone on the autism spectrum? This is one of the many questions Matt Fuller’s new documentary, “Autism in Love,” seeks to uncover about how people with the disorder pursue and manage romantic relationships. >> read more

Two sons with autism: 1 incarcerated, 1 thriving | The Tennessean

“‘It was really heartbreaking,’ Liske says, ‘because I knew exactly what he needed and it wasn’t too late to address those things with him.’ Then came the call Liske feared. Dylan, then 21, had been arrested for possession of a controlled substance.” >> read more

He made an app to help himself and people like him with panic attacks | Upworthy

“That’s why Jeroen De Busser created the Emergency Chat app- for those times when verbal communication is just not an option.” >> read more

I have autism, but I have autistic friends | The Mighty

“I personally like to use person-first language, because I am Lottie and I have autism. Autism is a big part of who I am, but it does not define me. I feel as though using identity-first language makes my autism define me.” >> read more

The Angry Aspie: tips for adults on the autism spectrum |

“You can also think of anger as a surface emotion. In other words, it is the emotion that people see, but the anger exhibited is really a cover-up for a primary emotion.” >> read more

Autism: See the potential | Vimeo

This video, which features the incredible Michael McCreary, is a wonderful introduction to autism spectrum disorder. >> read more

Autism: See the Potential from Autism Ontario on Vimeo.

Making a living: Northampton dad seeks to give children with autism a brighter future | Courier Times

Crafter for Life, which began as a program in the Council Rock School District, aims to create a future for young adults with autism by providing them with a trade. >> read more

Sacramento group helps autistic young adults fit in, improve social skills | The Sacramento Bee

“Formed two years ago by Carmichael therapist Kim Wagaman, Strasser’s group is one of few such gatherings in the Sacramento region designed for autistic adults out of high school but not quite independent. It provides an opportunity for them to regularly interact with people beyond family members.” >> read more

Up to the Mountain- Autistic Singer Mike Korins | Youtube

Originally dedicated to Martin Luther King, Jr., autistic singer Mike Korins dedicated his beautiful performance of “Up to the Mountain” to all people with special needs struggling to gain acceptance and achieve equality. >> read more

11 people with autism explain what stimming feels like | The Mighty

Stimming, or self-stimulatory behaviors, are behaviors people with autism may exhibit to counteract an overwhelming sensory environment or alleviate the high levels of internal anxiety, according to Temple Grandin’s post in Autism Digest. >> read more

Bumblebees | Vimeo

Despite being told as a child he would never walk or speak, Vance accomplished what doctors thought was impossible. But now he has a new challenge: dating. >> read more

Bumblebees from Jenna Kanell on Vimeo.

2016 SOIA Winter games: Me, Jason Halkias, in figure skating | Youtube

Congrats to our friend, Jason Halkias, on his gold medal in the 2016 Special Olympics Iowa Winter Games! >> read more

An autistic weighs in on friendship |

“This past week I again ran into the erroneous assumption that autistics do not want or need friends. The truth is we do want and need friends just like any other human being.” >> read more

SC town becomes the first autism-friendly travel destination |

The Surfside Beach Town Council signed the first-ever proclamation to make Surfside Beach the first autism-friendly travel destination. >> read more

Autistic radio host promotes neurodiversity | Houston Chronicle

“Lifelong support, education, workplace accommodation- that is the future of autism,” he says. “We’ve just been pretending this is a unique disorder of our modern world.” >> read more

Love on the spectrum: How autism brought one couple together | The Washington Post

Meet Lindsey and Dave, whose story is featured in “Autism in Love”. >> read more

Duo become first reporters with Down Syndrome at local news station | The Mighty

Two Special Olympics athletes are now the first reporters with Down syndrome to work at Denver7News, and ABC affiliate. >> read more

In West Roxbury, five men share more than a home | Boston Globe

“The men are not related but are bound by a common Chinese heritage and by intellectual disabilities that cause each of them to crave order. Four have additionally been diagnosed with autism, and another has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.” >> read more

I am local 6: Joshua Smith teaches karate to kids and adults with autism | WPSD Local 6

“These kids and adults have probably been told their whole lives that they can’t do this and they can’t do that. That’s not really the case,” said Smith. >> read more

Woman says her son with autism was beaten by caretaker in Stillwater facility | Inquisitr

“I mean Chris trusted me to put him somewhere safe. And I honestly thought I had.” >> read more

December 2015

Twins with autism building up their wrapping paper business | CBS Philly

This holiday season has some local brothers putting their skills to work- creating handmade wrapping paper that’s for sale. >> read more

N.J. Santa shows ‘true Christmas spirit’ while meeting man with autism | Philly Voice

One New Jersey Santa has gone viral after his recent encounter with a 22-year-old man with autism was shared on social media. >> read more

Al Roker honors autism therapist who helped his son Nick | Youtube

Al Roker honors autism therapist Lori Rothman who helped his son Nick on the Today Show. >> read more

Living with autism: adults who slip through the cracks | Channel News Asia

44-year-old autistic adult, Chua Hian Koon, remembers being alone most of the time when he was in university. >> read more

Autism Eats supper club offers comfort, community | Boston Globe

For families with a kid on the spectrum, Autism Eats offers the simple pleasure of dinner out. >> read more

Music as a window into the autistic mind | TEDx Talks

Musician Jonathan Chase was born with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 14. Autism has given him a unique view of the world and interpretation of music that he shares in this talk. >> read more

My disability is not inspirational | The Odyssey

“We are just people. Portraying us as inspirational, uplifting figures is condescending. Don’t applaud us for living.” >> read more

MSU student is first woman to graduate from College to Career Experience Program | WPSD Local

“Cain is the first woman to receive a College to Career Certificate of Completion in Kentucky. It’s part of the comprehensive transition program or the SHEP program (supported higher education project).” >> read more

Willow Glen couple’s generosity opens new doors for autistic adults | Mercury News

Thanks to one couple’s generous gift, Christmas came early this year for Shire House, a residential program serving high functioning autistic adults. >> read more

When people say ‘You don’t look autistic’ | The Mighty

“Autism is a part of everything I do. It’s a part of me. I can’t turn it on and off at will. Autism partially makes me who I am, but that doesn’t mean I should be singled out or treated differently. And I honestly prefer to be treated as everyone else. Is this too much to ask?” >> read more

How a NJ police officer helped a non-verbal teen with autism express himself | ABC News

After Zion Westbrook- who is non-verbal and has autism- recently ran away from home again due to frustrations communicating his thoughts and feelings, the responding police officer who helped find him decided he needed to do more to help. >> read more

PBS to air autism documentary | Disability Scoop

A documentary focusing on how people with autism experience love and manage romantic relationships is set to appear on PBS. >> read more

Caring for those with autism as they grow older | Medical Xpress

“The transition coordinator at Ridge High School special services told me, ‘Oh, by the way, we have nowhere to send him when he’s 21.'” >> read more

November 2015

Autistic brothers walk tall in Southern University marching band | NBC News

“There have been siblings in the band before, but none quite like the Frank brothers: Josiah and Micah have autism.” >> read more

My son has the kind of autism no one talks about | Huffington Post

“Autism isn’t all about the six-year-old who can play Piano Man better than Billy Joel. Autism can be hard. Autism can be sad. Autism can be messy. Autism can be violent. Autism can be isolating.” >> read more

“You can’t care for Dona anymore” Mimi and Dona Video | PBS

This documentary shares the housing search of a 64-year-old woman with intellectual disabilities and her elderly mother. >> read more

Adult Autism- ABC News | Youtube

Nightline’s feature on autism in adulthood. >> read more

Aging parents of disabled adult children are feeling the strain | Jewish Journal

Aging parents are still the primary caregivers for more than 75 percent of adult Americans with intellectual and developmental disabilities. >> read more

Runner with autism, epilepsy to grace cover of Women’s Running magazine | Chicago Tribune

Kiley’s family has a motto: “Anything you want to do, you go for it.” >> read more

Water park in the works for those with special needs | Disability Scoop

Five years after establishing the world’s first fully-accessible theme park, construction is underway on a water park where every attraction promises to be disability-friendly. >> read more

The saddest part of being a mom to a young adult with autism | Huffington Post

“There is a very lonely part of being a mom to a young adult with autism that we don’t often talk about.” >> read more

Being nonverbal “doesn’t mean I can’t think” | The Visible Parent

The term nonverbal is inaccurate and should not be equated with intellectual disability. >> read more

October 2015

When people say ‘You look tired’ | The Mighty

“‘You look tired.’ It used to offend me, but now I just respond with one simple answer: ‘I am tired.'” >> read more

Young adults with autism create and share through art | cbc news

Four young P.E.I. artists made their art-world debut as part of the Stars in Your Eyes art show last week, put on by a charitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people with autism. >> read more

Blind photographer captures sons’ autism, highlights people with disabilities | NBC Los Angeles

A Santa Ana man isn’t letting his lack of sight stop him from making a name for himself in an unlikely field- photography. >> read more

Married, happy, autistic: My life as an adult with autism | Offbeat Home

“I love my colorful, vivid mind, intense imagination, fierce intellect, and rather impressive inclination to excel in all language-related endeavors.” >> read more

The anxiety I don’t talk about as a special needs parent | The Mighty

“But to anyone else feeling this, please know this: You aren’t alone.” >> read more

Parents building options for their son with autism | Democrat & Chronicle

With so few options available for adults with autism, parents are taking housing development into their own hands. >> read more

Applebee’s employee with autism reportedly unpaid for a year | The Mighty

Caleb very much enjoyed his job at Applebee’s, but, after a while, his parents began to wonder why he wasn’t getting compensated as promised. >> read more 

Transition to adulthood 101 | Operation Autism

Susan Senator’s experience of the “aging out” process is one that many parents are all too familiar with and others are still planning for. >> read more

A pinball wizard with autism tells all | The Daily Beast

World-ranked pinball champion Robert Gagno, the subject of new documentary Wizard Mode, talks about what its like to come of age with autism. >> read more

Special needs man comforted by stranger | Yahoo

A sweet photo taken in Hamilton, Ontario, has now gone viral capturing one man’s act of kindness towards a complete stranger in need. >> read more

Autism coming-of-age documentary to debut on HBO | Disability Scoop

A film following a group of young women on the spectrum as they prepare for the social challenges of attending a dance is set to air on HBO later this month. >> read more

How a child with autism became ‘his own man’ after treatment | ABC News

After undergoing ABA therapy as a child, Jake Exkorn is now a University of Michigan freshman. >> read more

How opening up about my autism brought me new life | The Mighty

“I love being one of the most socially awkward people you might ever meet, but I am also one of the most honest.” >> read more

Plans brewing for D.C. coffee shop that trains students with autism | wtop

Independent Grounds Coffee House will serve as a vocational training site for adolescents with autism. >> read more 

September 2015

Autism, puberty and one family’s struggle to raise their teenage boys | PBS

This new PBS feature discusses the struggles of coping with two severely autistic sons and the feelings of isolation that can go along with them. >> read more

Please stop whitewashing autism | Psychology Today

NeuroTribes calls autism a “gift”, but parents paint a much different picture. >> read more

My name is Frank. I work at Sesame Street. I am “Autism Daddy” |

“I’ve been blogging anonymously as Autism Daddy since April 2011. I’ve also been working at Sesame Street as Frank since May 1994.” >> read more

My son has the kind of autism no one talks about | Huffington Post

“Autism and behaviors go hand-in-hand. Why? The behaviors are communication. Individuals with autism often can’t communicate in a way that typically functioning people can understand. So they do things to get their needs met. And often the things they do are scary and violent.” >> read more

Local blind boy with autism to sing for the pope |

“Christopher Duffley, of Manchester, New Hampshire, is preparing for his moment in the spotlight when he sings in the opening ceremonies this weekend for Pope Francis’ address to hundreds of thousands of people in Philadelphia.” >> read more

Broadway star takes a compassionate stand after child with autism disrupts his show | ABC News

You don’t know what her life is like. Perhaps, they have great days where he can sit still and not make much noise because this is a rare occurrence. Perhaps she chooses to no longer live in fear, and refuses to compromise the experience of her child.” >> read more

What I never imagined about raising a child with special needs | The Mighty

“Our new normal was constantly being modified and adjusted.” >> read more

6 things I wish people knew about me as an adult on the spectrum | The Mighty

“…there is still so much learning for all of us to do.” >> read more

Parents of student with autism found dead on school bus speak out | ABC7 Chicago

This story is utterly tragic. “The Lees said they do not expect school staff to love Paul the way they do, but they hope care providers will be more vigilant.”  >> read more

Couple prepares to say ‘I Do’ in first-ever ‘all-autism’ wedding | Yahoo

“As they share their love with the autistic community, they hope to change how others view people with autism and lead the way to inclusion and acceptance.” >> read more

When Facebook became my lifeline as a special needs parent | The Mighty

“Even when I was the only person sitting by his bedside, I had a gigantic network of people who understood what I was experiencing and people who were only a message away.” >> read more

Teenage artist with Asperger’s syndrome draws stunning photorealistic pictures |

Chris Baker is a teenager- who for 14 years- barely spoke to anyone. But he took to canvas, and found an incredible talent for art. >> read more

22 People with autism answer the question, ‘What’s it like?’ | Yahoo

Explaining the advantages, the challenges and the downright unique parts of living with autism. >> read more

Adult, Autistic and Ignored | The New York Times

“There is virtually no substantive national discussion on the fate of older autistic people like my brother.” >> read more

An Anthropologist on Mars (Oliver Sacks’s 1993 profile on Temple Grandin | The New Yorker

“What is it like to be keenly intelligent and to care deeply about science and animal life– but to feel absolutely alienated from even the simplest human emotions and interactions? Temple Grandin knows, and her experiences offer rare insight into the enigma of autism.” >> read more

 August 2015

Programs seek to help young adults with autism gain independence | The Roanoke Times

“While state government officials seek to transform some aid programs, their work isn’t s comprehensive or as fast as families with aging children would like.” >> read more

5 reasons I like being autistic | The Mighty

“I see too many negatives in the media about autism, so enjoy these positives.” >> read more

Poet Heather McHugh gives away her $50,000 grant to full-time caregivers |

“Thanks to Caregifted, 30 caregivers have been given a vacation, often for the first time in a very, very long time.” >> read more

Dad creates superheroes who use their disabilities as superpowers | The Mighty

This comic books is for kids of ALL abilities. >> read more

5 reasons my autism makes me an awesome dad | The Mighty

“My autism causes me to stick to routines. I’m pretty predictable, but that’s what makes me an awesome dad.” >> read more

Autism rocks: meet the boys from The AutistiX | The Guardian

Jake, Luke and Saul are The AutistiX, the UK’s premier autistic rock group. >> read more

What they don’t tell you about working with adults with disabilities |

“But they don’t tell you about the fact if you do it right, you’ll never be the same.” >> read more

When a brother or sister has autism | Democrat & Chronicle

“I think, overall, the feelings of siblings are overlooked in society. In many ways, while parents don’t mean to do it, we’re often marginalized. We feel we have to take on added responsibilities.” >> read more

This incredible swimmer with autism is on his way to nationals | Autism Speaks

“Cobert is on the autism spectrum and he told Oliver that swimming helps him feel calm.” >> read more

July 2015

14 amazing women with autism |

“We wanted to highlight some amazing women with autism who have accomplished some incredible things.” >> read more

A teen with Asperger’s taught the bullies who attacked him a lesson instead of pressing charges | Buzzfeed

“If you are reading this, I hope you talk to your teens, tell them about disabilities you can’t see, teach them to be tolerant of people that are different, teach them that if they continuously see someone alone that maybe it is not their choice to be alone, remind them to ask questions first and get to know one another.” >> read more

Home for adults with autism opens in Aurora | Chicago Tribune

New home for adults with autism offers opportunities to socialize, be challenged. >> read more

June 2015

School helps adults with autism find jobs in central PA |

The Vista School in Dauphin County is helping adults with autism find jobs in central Pennsylvania. >> read more

Spotlight TEDx Talk: Want to help people who have autism? Try empathy | TEDx Innovations

“Activist Adam Harris says living with Asperger’s syndrome is like living on a planet ‘not built for him’. A planet built on rules and customs that are hard for him to decipher and that force him to work hard just to cope.” >> read more

Autism has been my life for 30 years and I’m still trying to understand it | The Jewish Chronicle

“The director of Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre- is irritated by the way we (and some medical practitioners for that matter) treat people with social disorders.” >> read more

Autism pride day special: why I’m proud to be autistic | Youtube

Lake Barrington teen with autism finds peace, success with horses |

“The level of his horsemanship and his ability to train and focus and develop those skills so that he’s competing at such a high level independently.. it’s pretty incredible,” Hilliard said. >> read more

An autistic woman has bravely shared a video of her dog comforting her | Buzzfeed

“What I’d like the public to know is that child or adult in a store screaming or kicking or crying may not [be] having a tantrum because he’s not getting his or her way- it may be because the lights are hurting him because it’s too bright, the smells in the store [are] too strong, and it’s too loud for his ears, and the only way to express himself is through a meltdown.” >> read more

Lack of services for adult son with autism prompts Carmel family’s move out of Maine | Bangor Daily News

“We left New Hampshire about 17 years ago because there weren’t a whole lot of services for kids with autism. It’s been OK until he aged out of children’s services and that’s where it started to go drastically downhill,” Cynthia said. >> read more

Dog consoles his owner who is going through a meltdown (Asperger’s) episode | imgur

View post on

Fashion photographer focuses on those with genetic conditions to reframe beauty | NBC News

Once a fashion photographer in Milan and New York, Rick Guidotti looked at photos in medical textbooks and thought, “Where’s the humanity?” These pictures changed his perspective and, ever since, Guidotti, has devoted his talent to those with I/DD and other disabilities. >> read more

Unseen agony: Dismantling autism’s house of pain |

“Noah’s experience illustrates the paradox of pain in autism.” >> read more

Teen goes to great lengths to give brother with autism graduation he deserves | Today

Aly Bonville and her twin brother, Anders, have done everything together for the past 18 years, so when it came time to graduate from high school, she wasn’t going to do it alone. >> read more

I’ll be fine | vimeo

“I’ll Be Fine” is a short documentary about a family, their home, and the trials of living with a nineteen-year-old son who has autism. >> read more

I’ll Be Fine from Micha Hilliard on Vimeo.

Power of girls to thwart autism shows up in sibling study |

Children whose older sisters are on the spectrum are at higher risk for autism than are those with affected older brothers, suggests a new study. >> read more

Autistic coders get jobs as Microsoft, SAP Woo Software sleuths | Bloomberg

“They have a real passion for detail,” Mark Grein, executive director at Specialisterne, said in an interview from Stamford, Connecticut. “They tend to be very good at following a process, improving a process, optimizing a process.” >> read more

10 things an autistic adult wants you to know | The Wall Street Journal

Blogger Lydia Wayman on what she wishes other people knew about her. >> read more

8 stunning portraits of people with autism that shatter stereotypes about the spectrum | news.mic

“Last month, the Art of Autism concluded an incredible online series called Autism Unveiled.” >> read more

May 2015

Technology breaks silence for nonverbal students | disability scoop

For years, educators and parents have reported promising results with iPads among kids with special needs. Now, the technology is proving useful for older students with disabilities too. >> read more

Man with developmental disabilities opening coffee shop | WIVB

George Augstell is living out his dreams. The 27-year-old has down syndrome and will own and operate a new coffee shop in Niagara Falls. >> read more

Advocates fight to keep sheltered workshops for workers with disabilities | NPR

Such workshops are being closed across the U.S., more than 15 years after the Supreme Court said separate work settings constitute discrimination. >> read more

Adults with autism are at risk for host of health problems |

“Adults with autism are at an increased risk for diabetes, depression and a number of other health problems…” >> read more

Prosopagnosia and Asperger’s in the family | A Quiet Week in the House

“In 1975, prosopagnosia (face blindness) caused the only lingering conflict in my parent’s marriage.” >> read more

A range of reactions to airline’s removal of autistic child | New York Times

United Airlines diverted a flight and removed a family with an autistic daughter, prompting criticism of the carrier. >> read more

Diagnosed with autism at 21- and OK with it | Wall Street Journal

With a friend’s help, Lydia Wayman discovered the reason she found it hard to fit in. >> read more

A woman plans to sue United Airlines for forcing her autistic daughter off a flight | Buzzfeed

The airline said in a statement that it made an emergency landing and removed the autistic girl and her family from the plane to keep the other passengers comfortable and safe. >> read more

Breaking barriers of autism: the power of kindness and friendship | TEDx Talks

“That’s one of the greatest gifts you can extend to someone with autism- believe in them… Give them opportunities to shine, and don’t let autism get in the way.” >> read more

9 Investigates arrests of people with autism |

“…when one officer asked the autistic man if he waived his rights, the young man stood looking nervous for a few moments and then waved his right hand.”>> read more

April 2015

Parents decry proposed cuts to services for those with autism |

Like many 20-year-olds, Jessica Zangrillo stands at the cusp of an uncertain future. But, unlike others her age, Zangrillo isn’t about to move from college into the professional world. >> read more

Stark Realities Of Autistic Adulthood | NPR

You don’t outgrow autism. But a wave of autistic children is growing into adulthood. What’s going to happen then? >> read more

Mother-Daughter Duo Launch a Dating Site for Individuals with Autism | People

Olivia Cantu, 18, and her mother, Kristen Fitzpatrick, 37, started in January as a dating and social media website for individuals on the spectrum. >> read more

Why My Marriage is a Package Deal: Caring for a Sibling with Autism | Today

Lauren Prince wrote the following article for  in honor of Autism Awareness Month. >> read more

March 2015

Robert Smigel Opens Up About Autism | The Meredith Vieira Show

TV writer Robert Smigel opens up about his family’s battle with Autism, and what inspires him to fight for awareness. >> watch on YouTube

For adults with autism, a lack of support when they need it most | Washington Post

Bundled up in a puffy green coat, Moore, 35 and sandy-haired, doesn’t stand out in the crowd seeking refuge from the winter cold in a drafty Starbucks. His handshake is firm and his blue eyes meet mine as we talk. He comes across as intelligent and thoughtful, if perhaps a bit reserved. His disability — a form of autism — is invisible. >> read more

Like Yelp, but for Autism-Friendly Businesses | The Atlantic
A father hopes to create an app that will help parents find restaurants and parks that are suitable for autistic children. >> read more
Reynoldsburg mom seeks care for severely autistic son | The Columbus Dispatch

These stories just keep being told and retold by parents and caregivers all over the country. We need more options for individuals with ‪#‎autism‬. We can’t put this off any longer. The need is urgent. >> read more

North County duo plans film on autism | UT San Diego

Documentary by mom of teen with autism and local filmmaker will explore the challenges faced by adults with autism >> read more

Entrepreneur With Asperger’s Raises $3.8 Million | Disability Scoop

Storm Sondors has a house in Malibu, a daily surfing routine, and one of the hottest crowd-funding campaigns on the Internet. >> read more


Great collection here! >> read more

People With ‘Invisible Disabilities’ Fight For Understanding | NPR

Some disabilities are more obvious than others. Many are immediately apparent, especially if someone relies on a wheelchair or cane. But others — known as “invisible” disabilities — are not. People who live with them face particular challenges in the workplace and in their communities. >> read more

Night of Too Many Stars – Gilbert Gottfried and Owen Suskind Perform “Aladdin” – Uncensored | YouTube

Gilbert Gottfried and Owen Suskind, a young man with autism, reenact a scene from one of Owen’s favorite movies, Disney’s “Aladdin.”

Why you should never make assumptions about people with autism | The Independent

The idea that all people with autism are disordered, impaired, or somehow “lesser” is one that still needs to be challenged >> read more

Mother seeks more resources for teens with autism | YouTube

We need more ‪#‎autism‬ training for first responders and medical technicians. Difficult situations (like the one you will hear about in this video below) will just keep happening over and over again if we, as a society, don’t step up to the plate.

Eden Autism Services Public Comment

February 2015

#TheDress Reveals Something Pretty Profound About Autism | Buzzfeed

Some people think #TheDress is blue, others think it’s gold, and they’re completely freaking out over the disagreement. But some people with autism know all about what it’s like to see, hear, and feel the world differently than everyone else. >> read more


Short article by Temple Grandin about applying work skills as an autistic individual. >> read more

Real Stories Real People: Michael

“My name is Mary and my son, Michael, is 30 years old. He is deaf, cannot speak and has signs for only a few words. Since he graduated from high school he has stayed at home. Michael helps me around the house. But, mostly he plays with his blocks and stays in his room.” >> read more

No One Showed Up To A Little Boy With Autism’s Birthday, So His Mom Asked Facebook For Help | Buzzfeed

The heartwarming story of a young boy on the autism spectrum whose community came together to make his birthday special. >> read more

Smashing Stereotypes: Adults with Autism by Heidi Stieglitz Ham | TED

Former Spartan battled bullies, autism and doubters | Lansing State Journal

Anthony Ianni has [‪#‎autism‬]. He was bullied as a child. Doctors doubted he would finish high school. College, a regular job, living independently — none of it seemed possible.That didn’t prevent him from chasing his dreams. And he wants others to know they can chase theirs, too. >> read more


Matt is a budding photographer and sees the world through not only a camera lens but an autism lens. >> read more

Adults with autism are left to navigate a jarring world | Science News

Researchers turn attention to a growing population of adults with autism spectrum disorders >> read more

Film Documentary, ‘Aspie Seeks Love’ documents twenty years of searching for true love | Autism Daily Newscast

Film documentary, Aspie Seeks Love – is a new film documentary from ANIMAL, the production company who brought us the Sundance-winning BLOOD BROTHER. >> read more

‘Sensory Overload’ | Vimeo

Steve Cope – National Autism Society Charity – ‘Sensory Overload’ from Fox Devil Films on Vimeo.

A life with autism | Science News

Jonas Moore, age 35, talks about life with autism and his expectations now that researchers are beginning to focus on the needs of adults with the disorder.

George the Poet: Jokes about autism are ignorant | BBC News

George the Poet says people who joke about autism are “ignorant”. >> read more


Now the ungregarious have a language all their own. >> read more

Mom Has Brilliant Solution to Lack of Appropriate Clothes for Teens With Special Needs | The Mighty

The potential for adaptive clothing — which can be introduced for those with an inability to dress themselves properly, comfortably or independently — is massive for this population that continues to be underserved when it comes to practical and thoughtful fashion . >> read more

When Children With Autism Grow Up | Buzzfeed

I was 23 and needed a summer job; he was 21 and needed full-time support. He’s one of an estimated half million people diagnosed with autism who are soon becoming adults — and who society is entirely unprepared for.” >> read more

January 2015

Mostly autistic cast brings new movie to life | USA Today

We’re highly anticipating the release of “Circles.” Directed by Jesse Cramer and Micah Levin, most of the actors in this short film are emerging adults on the ‪#‎autism‬ spectrum. >> watch video

By Dimming Its Lights, Museum Opens Doors For Kids With Autism | NPR

Places like the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington are making it possible for those on the ‪#‎autism‬ spectrum and their families to enjoy all of the scientific marvels — minus the crowds. >> read more

Direct eye contact and embracing the sense of danger | Autism Daily Newscast

This article, written by ‪#‎autistic‬ photographer Haarvey Aardvark, is incredibly deep. >> read more

What I, an Autism Mom, can and can’t do | The Washington Post

My life is not autism 24/7! Sometimes it feels that way, but my life is full of other joys and struggles, just like yours. >> read more

Vacuum salesman invited to teen with autism’s birthday party moves crowd to tears | Fox

It’s inspiring how these parents decided to nurture their child’s quirky passion instead of stifle it. Aren’t we all wonderfully unique? >> read more

‘I Hated School, Was Bullied And Didn’t Fit In’ | The Voice

Though this 24-year-old ‪#‎autism‬ campaigner’s path has been far from conventional, he continues to make personal strides while helping others in his position at Ambitious About Autism. >> read more

Ron Suskind on “Disney Therapy” and Autism | The Meredith Vieira Show

HBO To Air Autism Documentary | Disability Scoop

The 88-minute film tracks a group of teens and young adults with ‪#‎autism‬ in Columbus, Ohio as they spend 12 weeks working on their social skills with a psychologist ahead of a spring formal. >> read more

Man With Autism Who Hugged Stranger Allowed to Return to College | NBC

This story involving an innocent gesture misconstrued ended on a happy note. >> read more

Student With Autism Kicked Out of College | NBC

An innocent hug and kiss landed him in trouble, his mother says >> read more

Man killed in South Austin lived at home for people with disabilities | Statesman

The man who was shot and killed after he reportedly forced his way into a South Austin house Monday morning lived at a nearby home for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, according to a spokeswoman for the company that operates the home. >> read more

Is the U.S. Prepared for a Growing Population of Adults With Autism? | US News & World Report

Are we ready? >> read more

What happens to people with autism when they age out of school? | Wbez 91.5

Illinois has more than 19,000 minors who have ‪#‎autism‬. And that’s just what the schools are identifying. When these kids’ services expire from the state, they face the same choice as most young adults: school or work? But the transition to either of those worlds can be difficult depending on the disability. >> read more

My little brother has a new gf… | Imgur

“My brother hates loud noises, so he started learning to read lip movements (that way he can follow a conversation while blocking his hearing). His [girlfriend] also reads lip movements, so when they’re alone they just have whole conversations without saying a word.” >> read more

December 2014

Designer Focuses On Interiors For Those With Autism | Disability Scoop

Do you prefer calming neutrals or more vibrant tones? >> read more

Wish Book: Autistic lab worker flourishes at biomedical company | San Jose Mercury News

Project Search trains young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism and cerebral palsy, for competitive, entry-level jobs in the medical field. >> read more 

A Concerned Dad Asked Me, ‘What Will Happen to My Son With Autism When I’m Gone.’ This Is My Answer. | The Mighty

At an Autism Society autism conference I attended a few years back in Orlando, Florida, a father, probably in his sixties, approached me. He had a nonverbal son. We discussed his son’s need for an aide and several supports. Then he asked me one of the most difficult questions I’ve ever been asked as an autism advocate:

 “What do you think will happen to my son when I’m no longer here?” >> read more

November 2014

Pope’s Address to Autism Conference | Zenit

Assistance to people affected by autism spectrum disorders would benefit greatly from the creation of a network of support and services on the ground that are comprehensive and accessible. These should involve, in addition to parents, grandparents, friends, therapists, educators and pastoral workers. These figures can help families overcome the feelings, that can sometimes arise, of inadequacy, uselessness and frustration. >> read more

How I Feel Living with Autism | Asperger’s 101

The colors inside the head represent how our minds are bursting with extraordinary ideas. The white lines above the head represent how when we try to say what’s on our minds, it tends to get distorted by our social awkwardness. >> read more

Susan Boyle Confesses Asperger’s Syndrome Makes Her Feel Like ‘King Kong’s Mother’ | People

On stage she feels “safe,” but it’s life out of the spotlight that’s difficult for Susan Boyle … Boyle says that the tantrums stem from “a sense of panic, not wanting to be there.” >> read more

Children of Color and Autism: Too Little, Too Late | Huffington Post

African-American children are just not getting a diagnosis of autism as quickly as their white peers. According to the CDC, while many children are diagnosed with autism at around 4 years old, researchers have determined that African-American children may be diagnosed as much as 18 to 24 months later. >> read more

Shriver Finds Wisdom Among The Intellectually Disabled | NPR

Timothy Shriver’s new memoir is a look at the inspirational people he met as chairman of the Special Olympics. NPR’s Scott Simon talks to Shriver about his book, Fully Alive>> read more

Ask Andrew W.K.: Is It Bad to Be a Loner? | The Village Voice

Next time you feel shy or reserved, think of it as a great thing — just as good as being extroverted and social — it’s just a different version of the same beautiful thing: a human being. >> read more

For some parents of autistic children, Jerry Seinfeld’s self-diagnosis was ‘a slap in the face’ | Washington Post

The reaction to Seinfeld’s statement within the autism community was as varied and nuanced as the community itself; opinions ranged from reactions of outright rage to support and gratitude. >> read more

Jerry Seinfeld Says He’s On The Autism Spectrum During Interview With Brian Williams |Huffington Post

Does Jerry Seinfeld have ‪#‎autism‬ spectrum disorder? He thinks he might. >> read more

What Really Stresses Parents of Autistic Kids? |

Often the top stressor is not the child with autism. >> read more

Severely disabled residents escape raging Silver Spring fire | ABC

Five individuals are alive tonight thanks to the heroic actions of these caregivers. >> read more

October 2014

A New Perspective for Moms | Vimeo

Just a small reminder for all of the moms out there that you are special and loved. Where would the world be without a mother’s love?

A New Perspective For Moms from Elevation Church on Vimeo.

Student, 21, With Autism Dies After She Chokes at Brooklyn School |New York Times

The investigator for the city schools is investigating the death of a 21-year-old student with autism who choked on a muffin at her school in Brooklyn at lunchtime >> read more

‘I’ve always felt like an outsider’: Caroline Hearst’s autism was only diagnosed at the age of 55 | Daily Mail UK

Caroline Hearst was diagnosed with ‪#‎autism‬ at age 55. Her mission is to bring autism awareness especially to issues impacting girls and women on the spectrum. >> read more

Autism after high school | Medical Press

This mom has a great attitude. “I’m doing the same thing any parent would want for their child,’ his mother says. ‘We want to make sure our children are okay after we are gone. With Jay, it’s a more involved, complicated plan. I think it’s possible. I have got to figure out as a parent how to do it.” >> read more

What you should know about autism from the point of a view of a Boca Raton man on the spectrum | NBC

“We’re not disabled, we’re differently abled.” >> read more

The Case Against Hugs | Washington Post

Hey, some people are just more comfortable maintaining a safe distance – and that’s okay! >> read more

Untapped Potential: Autistic Adults | Cognoscenti

This article puts into perspective how a positive attitude, a supportive community, and hard work can help one achieve his/her potential. >> read more

A Couple Gaining Independence, and Finding a Bond NY Times

“Peter Maxmean, 35, and Lori Sousa, 48, met five years ago at a sheltered workshop in North Providence, where people with intellectual ‪#‎disabilities‬performed repetitive jobs for little pay, in isolation. But when a federal investigation turned that workshop upside down last year, among those tumbling into the daylight were two people who had fallen in love within its cinder block walls.” >> read full article

What can be done to help parents of autistic adults? | PBS

Dr. Barry and Renee Gordon really nail the issues. Please post and repost. >> read more

September 2014

How Autism Freed Me to be Myself | TED

This story is absolutely appalling and sad. Though it does have a happy ending – the Stamford community has banded together to contribute more than $1,000 to the victim. >> read more

Autistic Minnesota man builds ultimate cat maze in home | Khon2

This may be the coolest idea ever! These cats are so loved. >> read more

Hope and frank talk on autism from Temple GrandinUT San Diego

Wearing her trademark embroidered western shirt, Temple Grandin delivered a blunt and, at times, hilarious presentation yesterday at University of San Diego. >> read more

Helping students with Asperger’s prepare for university life | The Guardian

The ‪#‎transition‬ from high school to university life brings exciting and sometimes scary new challenges for everyone. As the number of students with ‪#‎autism‬ continues to increase, it is important to recognize and support these individuals with their unique needs. >> read more

Community Mourns Loss Of Yonkers Man Who Died Trying To Rescue Child In Hudson River | CBS New York

The heartbreaking story of heroism by Boyce “Scoop” Coleman, the Yonkers man who died in his attempt to save a child with autism from drowning. >> read more


The brand new Face Value comic book stars a superhero with ‪#‎autism‬. Written by a psychologist and a comedian, the first round of copies has already sold out. Issue #2 is due to hit the shelves this October! >> read more

Life after school poses challenges for Garden Spot grad with autismLancaster Online 

“‘We always say at the age of 21 the (school) bus stops coming,’ said Nina Wall, who oversees the limited services for adults with ‪#‎autism‬ in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has more than 8,400 adults with autism, Wall said. Funding’s available for 518.” >> read full article

August 2014

Aaron and Anisa: Young man with autism forms special bond with Starbucks barista | Lancaster Online 

Aaron, a young many on the ‪#‎autism‬ spectrum, has found acceptance and community support at ‪#‎Starbucks‬>> read more

Listen Senior Film | Vimeo

This beautifully animated short film demonstrates the overwhelming frustrations of sensory overload. Please watch and share with others to promote greater understanding of what our friends on the ‪#‎autism‬ spectrum may be experiencing.

Listen Senior Film from Listen. Senior Thesis on Vimeo.

TV Series To Examine Life During Transition | Disability Scoop

This is the kind of reality TV the world needs! Kudos to ‪#‎OWN‬. The new documentary-style series airs September 7. >> read more

Award-Winning Author on the Spectrum Discusses Adulthood with Autism |  Autism Speaks

From Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism: “The best way to become successful with autism (or any challenge) is to understand that you have something profound to offer and do not deserve to be judged on some of the past struggles that once crippled your progress …” >> read more

Wayne sisters launch group for siblings of people with autism | North Jersey

Many siblings of people with autism still struggle to talk to other siblings about their experiences – both good and bad. >> read more

Advice For Dating With Asperger’s: Don’t Call 100 Times A Week | NPR

“One of the golden rules is not to invest a lot of money the first or second time you meet someone. I used to think that if I spent a lot of money on a Broadway show or a four-star restaurant it might not make a woman fall in love with me, but it sure would help. That is erroneous.” >> read more

Anatomy of a Meltdown | Musings of an Aspie

An enlightening piece for those of us who could use a little insight into understanding and dealing with meltdowns. >>read more

July 2014

A family copes with their aging son’s autism | Washington Post

A beautiful photographic glimpse into the lives of parents, Mark and Barbara, and their young adult child, John, on the ‪#‎autism‬ spectrum. >> read more

Understanding Forgiveness with Autism | Huffington Post

Story of how a mother supports her son on the ‪#‎autism‬ spectrum to handle a more complex and sometimes awkward social situation – delivering an apology. >> read article

Garland student with autism learns to play organ by ear | Dallas News

“[Hataway] said he has big dreams to play the organ all over the world. ‘Hopefully, I get out of the country. Because there are hundreds of pipe organs all over the world and I have only seen them in pictures,’ Brian said.” >> read full story

10 Medical Alert Options For Families With Special Needs | Friendship Circle

“First responders know that every second counts. But in an emergency situation, a person with a disability may be unable to speak for him or herself, and the caregiver may become incapacitated, too…” >> read more

Emma’s Presentation at the ICare4Autism Conference | Emma’s Hope Book

Emma (‪#‎Autistic‬) began typing to communicate just a few years ago, and gave her first presentation yesterday at the iCare4Autism conference. >> read more

Advocate shows autistic people how to have safe encounters with police | LA Times

Statistics suggest that [those with ‪#‎autism‬] are seven times as likely as someone without autism to be involved with law officers as a victim, witness or offender.  >> read more

Tragedy in Rockville: JaLynn Prince Speaks Out for Adults with Autism on “Montgomery Week In Review” | Youtube

Following the tragic incident involving two adult men on the autism spectrum being locked in a dark basement, JaLynn speaks out for adults with autism. >> watch video

Autistic boy explains autism | Youtube

This articulate young man candidly explains his experience as a person on the autism spectrum. >> watch video

Autism services desperately needed for adults | KETV, Omaha

Experts emphasize the lack of programs for autistic adults. >> read more

Understanding Forgiveness with Autism | HuffPost Impact 

A mother teaches her autistic son the art of delivering apologies. >> read article

Barriers to Effective Medical Care for Autistic Adults | Psychology Today

Why is it hard to get good medical care if you’re on the autism spectrum? >> read more

June 2014

The developmentally disabled face extra challenges when flying | The Washington Post

“If everything had gone according to plan, Eileen Schofield wouldn’t have been lost after she landed at the airport in Baltimore recently. But everything didn’t go as planned…” >> read full article

High school valedictorian has a 4.0 GPA, is headed to Towson University and is autistic | Washington Post

Autistic teen, Montel, graduates as valedictorian >> read more

“Hidden Disabilities” | Christine Ashworth

A blog post about how some disabilities are not readily apparent >> read more

10 Striking Photos That Capture What Autism Looks Like Around The World | HuffPost Parents

Photo project that demonstrates how autism affects individuals and families globally >> read more

Expert holds forth on living with autism | Burlington Free Press 

John Elder Robison realized the ingredients of his abject adolescent failure, as a friendless, ninth-grade dropout, were also those of his crowning adult success, as a technical innovator and best-selling author. >> read more

“The Obsessive Joy Of Autism” | Just Stimming

A blog post about stimming and joy from an adult self-advocate >> read article

What it’s like to have anorexia and autism | Slate

Article that highlights the inadequacy of behavioral observations to explain more complex diagnoses >> read more

“4 lessons from my failed project as an able-bodied ally” | Applied Sentience  

An article on the meaning of allyship, particularly in regard to the disability community >> read article

Service Dog Is Always At Teen’s Side — Even In The Yearbook | HuffPost Teen

Brief video and article about a teenager on the spectrum whose dog appeared in the yearbook with her >> read article

Doing Social Justice: 10 Reasons to Give Up Ableist Language | HuffPost Impact

A brief article about ableist language, some examples of it, and why you should stop using it >> read article

Julia Adams, Art and Autism | Youtube

Julia Adams was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at two years old. She has graduated from high school, and like many young adults with Autism, Julia and her family are now faced with an important question. What next? >> watch video

My Asperger’s Story | Ollie Walker | Youtube

Ollie discusses his challenges and successes as a young man with Asperger’s >> watch video

Service dog gets photo in school yearbook | Halo

Taxi the sevice dog was always by Rachel’s side – even in her yearbook. >> read more

Avoiding Meltdowns at Grocery Stores | Asperger’s Issues

List of tips to make sure your grocery shopping experience goes smoothly. >> read more

May 2014

Autism is not about you | The Daily Banter

Article by Tommy Christopher discussing Ron Suskind’s article and other recent reporting on autism >> read article

“Let it Go” – The Autism Version |

Video of a girl singing her autism-related adaptation of “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen >> watch video

Disney das | a diary of a mom

A parent’s reaction to Disney’s change in disability policies, especially the change in how lines are handled >>read article

April 2014

“A Friend of Mine” | AutisticChick

A young self advocate explains her individuals relationship with her own disability. >> read article

14 amazing women with autism | Makers

A list of interesting and famous women with autism >> read article

Beer. Autism. Hope. | A Man with Autism. A 25,000 Mile Journey. A Miracle., Youtube

Lance went on an amazing adventure. >> watch video

5 Autism Simulations to Help You Experience Sensory Overload | Mashable

Enter the world of an individual with sensory differences. >> try simulations

Ron Suskind: “Life, Animated: A Story Of Sidekicks, Heroes, and Autism” | The Diane Rehm Show

Diane Rehm speaks to Ron Suskind about the remarkable story of how storytelling rescued an autistic child, and also explore the ongoing efforts to reach other children locked in inner worlds. >> listen

Madison House President & Cofounder, JaLynn Prince appears on Montgomery Week in Review | youtube

Montgomery Week in Review host Don Mooers and his panel discuss the Madison House Autism Foundation art show celebrating Autism Awareness Month >> watch video

March 2014

“I’m Coming Out Of The Autism Closet” | Wild Sister

The young and vivacious, Wild Sister, discusses her experiences living with autism. >> read more

The natural rhythm of stimming: Erin Clemens at TEDxWestChester| TEDx

Erin Clemens’s speaking engagements are designed to educate professionals and students on topics related to autism, using her personal experiences as a vehicle. >> watch presentation 

Potomac couple works to bring awareness to challenges of autistic adults | Gazette

Feature on Madison House Cofounders, Dr. Greg and JaLynn Prince, and “Through Our Eyes” artist, Rafael Angevine. >> read article

I live with autism and I’m very grateful for my life | Herald Sun

Daniel Giles, member of the Autism Future Leaders Program, discusses his life. >> read article

February 2014

The wonderful world of work: A workbook for Asperteens | ABC

A brief interview with the author of The Wonderful World of Work: A Workbook for Asperteens >>read article

After raising a son with severe autism, I have redefined “normal” | KVeller

As part of KVeller’s month-long series dedicated to Jewish Disability Awareness Month, Elaine shares her journey of raising a son with severe autism, from toddlerhood through bar mitzvah age to where he’s at now, at almost 20 years old. >> read article

What We Would Have Done Differently |  Emma’s Hope Book

Mother reveals that she would have done “everything” differently in dealing with her daughter’s autism diagnosis. >> read more

Royal Caribbean Is Latest Entrant into Autism-Friendly Travel | ABC News

Royal Caribbean is riding high on the waves after a leading travel organization distinguished it as the first official autism-friendly cruise line. >> read more

20 Ideas To Create A Therapeutic Living Room | Friendship Circle

Have you ever thought about bringing part of the therapy clinic to your living room?  Or have you wondered about making small changes to your home to make it more livable?  What about sensory integration?  Where would you start? >> read more

January 2014

Parenthood Cry-cap: Everybody Loves Ray Romano | Vulture

Recap of a Parenthood episode which heavily featured Max, a character with autism >>read article

The Empathy Conundrum | Musings of an Aspie

Blog post by a self advocate about empathy, lack of empathy, and empathy deficiency vs. absence >> read article

To Ease Transition, Adults With Autism Look To DogsDisability Scoop

Dogs are often easier for people with autism to work with, because they’re easier to read than people are and they tend to be more forgiving. >> read more

Autism and a Home of his Own | Autism Support Network

Mom discusses the journey of her son, Matt, in securing housing. >> read article

December 2013

Autism Society: Prepare now for peaceful holidays | WRAL

A brief guide to preparing for holidays when a family member is on the spectrum >> read article

Are Parents of Children With Autism More Likely to Divorce? | Autism Daily Newscast

Can raising a child with autism lead to divorce? Kymberly Grosso, author of the blog Autism in Real Life, conducted a survey of 52 divorced parents raising a child with autism to explore this question.  >> read article

August 2013

How “Differently Abled” Marginalizes Disabled People | Autistichoya

Blog post by a self advocate about the troubling language “differently abled” >> read article

June 2013

Decoding the High Functioning Label | Musings of an Aspie

Blog post from a self advocate about the problematic “high functioning” label >> read article

My life with Asperger’s: Daniel WendlerTedx

For many people — the awkward, the shy, or the simply misunderstood — life is a lonely experience, and good friends are hard to come by. Daniel Wendler experienced this firsthand. He has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a neurological condition that prevented him from learning social skills naturally. >> watch video


MY DEFINING MOMENT: Carly Fleischmann | YouTube

Carly Fleischmann, co-author of ‘Carly’s Voice’ shares her integral experience with social-media. >> watch video

The Autism Wars | New York Times

The report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that one in 88 American children have an autism spectrum disorder has stoked a debate about why the condition’s prevalence continues to rise. >> read article


Autism Now: For Adults With Autism, Few Support Options Past Age 21 | Youtube

Although federal law mandates educational services for children with autism, there are virtually no support services provided once they become adults. >> watch video

A Social Security Lifeline: Kira’s StoryYouTube

Kira discusses her struggles with living on the limited money she receives from social security. >> watch video