A Unique Model and Training Center for Seniors with Developmental Disabilities


An excerpt from the orignial article,‘New Vista Ranch prepares for a new era in care for the developmentally disabled’from the Vegas Seven:


“…In October, the nonprofit will break ground on the state’s first house specifically for senior citizens with such disabilities—a population that’s growing as life expectancy has increased. Nationwide, health professionals estimate that more than a half million adults over the age of 60 have developmental disabilities. Life expectancies have been increasing thanks to better medical care, better rehabilitation programs and the kind of improved self-help skills taught by programs such as New Vista. (The rapid improvement in life expectancy for people with Down syndrome is a powerful illustration of the trend: A 2002 study published in Lancet showed that it increased from 25 years in 1983 to almost 50 in 1997.)

With growing life expectancy comes the need for more specialized health care; this fall, New Vista will begin construction at the ranch of a 3,800-square-foot medical facility for the intellectually and developmentally disabled. Touro University’s osteopathic medical school will help design the clinic and develop a medical internship program, making the New Vista Medical Clinic and Physician Training Program one of the first in the nation to teach health-care professionals how to deal with the specific needs of the intellectually disabled. New Vista also plans to provide Web-based training for physicians nationwide.

The clinic will be open to the public and able to offer 6,000 medical appointments per year. It’s scheduled to be operating by next summer…”

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