500,000 will come of age in the next 6 years. Who will care for them?the future of 1 in 50 children with autismautistic children become autistic adults

Addressing the Needs of Autistic Adults


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Autism in the News

Madison House has re-vamped our news section to feature stories on topics ranging from housing to advocacy to employment. To view past stories, please visit our various news archives.

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National Conversation

View this brief animation to learn more about the current state of housing for those with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Madison House Updates:

House Passes the ABLE Act

Visit this page to learn how you can show support to your Senator in just three minutes.

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10 Feelings Autism Moms Know

From worry, to joy, to frustration – can you relate?

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Tips for Your Holiday Table from Jalynn

A collection of tips from our President, JaLynn Prince, intended for those who may have never hosted an individual on the autism spectrum before.

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