500,000 will come of age in the next 6 years. Who will care for them?the future of 1 in 50 children with autismautistic children become autistic adults

Addressing the Needs of Autistic Adults


Learn more about the Madison House Autism Foundation at our You Tube channel.

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“Through Our Eyes” 2014, Art Catalog

Madison House has partnered with The Universities at Shady Grove for a month-long curated exhibit featuring 40 adult artists on the autism spectrum. From portraiture to abstract to surreal to impressionism to sculpture, there is truly something for everyone in this unique collection.

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National Conversation

Madison House has been recently addressing a position in which well-meaning individuals are advocating against group homes out of fear that they could be isolating and subject to abuse. We understand, but that ignores the many caring, successful group homes that are of many options we must make available.

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Autism in the News

Lucy Berrington, writer and mother of a teen who is on the autism spectrum, reports on the dearth of services for adults with autism and the societal consequences.

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“Autistic and Aging Out”

Filmmaker and  Columbia University journalism student, Lauren Betesh, captures the realities faced by two families as they seek answers regarding their autistic teens’ transitions into adulthood.

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WORLD PREMIERE: “With a Friend Like You”

Mack Bailey debuted his original song, “With a Friend Like You”, celebrating the special bonds between Neurotypicals and Autistics, at the WFMA benefit concert.